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Smartphone has always been an important part of our daily life and we can no longer imagine life without it. Digital media also plays a major role in our offspring. Sooner or later, the question inevitably arises: at what age should the offspring make their first contacts with smart phone to have? Now we will deal with exactly this question in more detail so that in the end you can make the right decision yourself.

At what age should children learn about smartphones? Photo: Peggy and Marco Lachmann-Ank on Pixabay

When does it make sense to have your own smartphone?

Most children will ask their parents for their mobile phone at an early age. Depending on how a child goes to school, an emergency cell phone can make sense as early as first grade. A mobile phone can keep you and the baby safe as a parent and feel good along the way. Teachers generally recommend having their own smartphone for children from the age of nine. At this age, children are mature enough to understand that the Internet also has its downsides. However, at this age, it is advisable to check the parents regularly to protect the children from potential dangers.

In any case, it is important that you explain to your child why it is necessary to check the cell phone regularly and take the time to educate the child about the dangers of the Internet. The rules of mobile phone use – which the child also understand – are very important at this age. However, owning your own mobile phone also has many advantages and can enhance the independence of the child. For example, does your child own one in addition to a smartphone? phone holderThe smartphone can be easily attached to the bike and used as a navigation device.

A cell phone is also great for keeping in touch with friends who live far away. But above all, when it comes to using social media, caution is advised. Explain to your child in detail that people on the Internet can pretend to be completely different people and that your child should only communicate with people they know personally. Here, too, regular examinations by parents are recommended.

Should young children also connect to smartphones?

When it comes to young children and smartphones, opinions differ. Some see no problem letting their 4-year-old play in front of his or her mom’s smartphone for several hours a day, while others do everything they can to keep their kids off their smartphones for as long as possible. But which opinion is correct here? Well, this question cannot be answered in general terms, but it can be said that the truth is likely to be found somewhere between the two fronts.

Of course, the child should spend his free time in nature, freely move and let his creativity go. However, sooner or later the smartphone will play an important role in the life of the child, which is why he should be familiar with the device little by little. So it can be said that it is not reprehensible to let your little one explore the mobile phone under surveillance for 10-20 minutes a day. Different learning apps can combine learning with fun and give cell phone time a meaningful element.

Does parenting without a smartphone make sense?

No, education without college smart phone Does not make sense. Since social media, such as Instagram, is often discussed among friends at school at the latest, your child will quickly become an involuntary outsider if they have no say in these topics. In addition, learning groups are formed via Whatsapp and Co. , where important information about the school is exchanged. A mobile phone is absolutely indispensable when studying or working, and your child will have a very difficult time dealing with a mobile phone for the first time at this age.

Conclusion: Wipe “Yes” to the smartphone, but with caution!

premature Controlled Smartphone Use Very important for our children. A smartphone brings many advantages and therefore it should not be demonized. Above all, it is important that you try to talk to your offspring, explain the risks to them, and establish rules for using a mobile phone with them. It is not recommended to completely abandon the smartphone.

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