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Christian Streiche He is one of the most famous football coaches in Germany. He has coached SC Freiburg for more than ten years, which made him the longest serving coach in the German Premier League. On May 21, 2022 he stands with Freiburg M German FA Cup Final in Berlin. Streich is a successful coach and controversial football expert who does not hide his political views. But how does Christian Streisic act alone?

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Christian Streiche – Profile: Age, Height, Place of Residence, Instagram

All information about the age, size and family of Christian Streich can be found in the following profile:

  • family name: Christian Streiche
  • date of Birth: June 11, 1965
  • place of birth: Weil am Rhein, Germany
  • age: 56 years old
  • asterisk: Twins
  • eye color: blue
  • measuring: 181 cm
  • Social status: unknown
  • children: son, daughter
  • studiesTeacher training in German, sports and history
  • last activitySC Freiburg coach
  • Instagram: There is no official account

Coach Christian Streiche reached the DFB Cup final with Freiburg.  For Streich, winning the final against RB Leipzig would be the greatest success of his career.

Coach Christian Streiche reached the DFB Cup final with Freiburg. For Streich, winning the final against RB Leipzig would be the greatest success of his career.
© Photo: Marcus Brandt / dpa

Wife and Children: Christian Streiche and his family

about the Private life Not much is known about Christian Streiche. The football coach keeps his family out of the public eye as much as possible. Not even knowing whether the Freiburg coach has a wife or girlfriend is 100% known. But what is certain is that Christian Streiche is the father of two children. He has a son and a daughter. According to Sportbild from 2018, Streich is a smoker and rolls his cigarettes himself, it is not known if he has given up vice and still smokes.

Christian Streiche: salary and assets

About Christian Streiss Salary There is little information on SC Freiburg. In December 2017, Bild published the salary list of German Bundesliga coaches, according to which Streich’s salary at FC Freiburg was awarded 800,000 euros. However, since there is no current and accurate information on Christian Streiss’ salary, a statement or an estimate for it origins impossible. In March 2022, SC Freiburg announced the extension of the contract with Christian Streich – the duration and terms of the contract are unknown.

Christian Streiche: Political Statements

Christian Streiche is more than just a football coach in Germany’s premier league. He is interested and politically committed and speaks regularly at press conferences about current political events or social developments. The New York Times called it this The social conscience of German football.
Former national coach Joachim Loew praised Christian Streiche in the loudest words. “I don’t appreciate Christian as a very competent coach,” Loew said. “I value him above all as a person with his own values ​​and opinion.”

Christian Streiche commented on 2015 refugee crisis He demanded an open philanthropic approach. Moreover Environment very important to him. He criticized environmental policy at the time and supported the “Fridays for Future” movement.

When in 2020, the then newcomer to Freiburg, Erdin Demirovic with 600 HP Mercedes AMG GT R “We live in a free country. As long as everyone pays their taxes, they can do whatever they want with their money,” Streiche said at the press conference at the time. Christian Streisch prefers to drive bike. But since SC Freiburg moved to the new stadium, maybe it’s because of that E bikeBecause he betrayed the image.

Christian Streiche as a player

Christian Streiche Professional life He started as a player for his hometown club in Eimeldingen and at FV Lörrach. In 1982, Streich moved to Freiburger FC. His career as a professional footballer began in 1985 when he moved to the Stuttgarter Kickers. This was followed by positions at FC Freiburg and FC 08 Homburg. In 1995 Christian Streiche ended his football career.

Christian Streiche as coach

Christian Streich has in his book career coaching Only SC Freiburg teams have been trained. From 1995 to 2011 he coached various youth teams especially Young from the gym. He celebrated some success with the A-Juniors and won the DFB-Junior Club Cup in 2006, 2009 and 2011 and the German A Youth Championship in 2008.

In 2007, Streich began his career with the first men’s team at SC Freiburg coach assistant by Robin Dott. Following Dutt’s departure to Leverkusen, Marcus Sorge took over as coach and Christian Streiche became his assistant coach. During the winter break in 2012, FC Freiburg found themselves in steep relegation problems and Sorge was released. After an initial hesitation, Streich Coach It is to this day.

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