Love Stars 9. -15.5.22: Happy Coincidences in Love

05/11/2022 – 14:44

Love Stars 9.5. up to 15.5.22
Single Attention: This sign predicts happy coincidences in love this week

Weekly love horoscope: Messenger of the gods, Mercury, Moon and Jupiter, are putting their fingers in the pie this week when it comes to mediating love affairs.

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Weekly love horoscope: Messenger of the gods, Mercury, Moon and Jupiter, are putting their fingers in the pie this week when it comes to mediating love affairs.

Mercury in airy Gemini, Venus in Aries and Mars in delicate Pisces, which dissolves the boundaries between you and me. The love energy of this week is especially auspicious for singles.

In mythology, Hermes/Mercury is the messenger and is the only deity who can travel to the abyss and back. This means: He can work with the conscious mind, but also have access to the knowledge of the subconscious. Three tags can be used very well. They stand for them Love stars for the week from 09.05.2020 to 15/05/2022 very cheap.

Mercury’s retrograde phase (May 10 to June 2, 2022) – like all retrograde planets – signifies a process of change. At this point, Mercury mainly reaches the subconscious and it is very likely that sudden inspiration will reach us and great ideas will come to us.

Weekly horoscope 05.09.2020 to 05/15/2022:

Gemini Weekly Horoscope (May 22 – June 21): Ideas are coming to you now

Leo Moon brings out the little magician in you. Your ruling planet is now going backwards. Geminis and Libras are especially feeling this energy shift. During retreats, your thinking works differently. It may not be as fast as usual, but ideas will come to you now if you let her. How do you win your like? With a joke or a smile – this week you will come up with something.

Jupiter transits into Aries and this gives you the risk. If you address the person you like now, your courage will be rewarded. Taken Twins I wish you closeness on Sunday. Of course, in order for the desire to come true, you also have to convey it.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope (June 22-July 22): The Moon in Scorpio promises hot hours on the weekend

When it comes to love, focus completely on the middle of the week. Virgo and the change from Jupiter to Aries allow you to dream and have fun – it could hardly be nicer. Who are the people you really want to spend your time with? Who inspires you and has similar goals? You can now find answers to this question.

And if you find someone who fits that description, schedule a weekend. With the Moon in the sign of Scorpio, the mood is getting hotter: look forward to a lot of passion!

Weekly Horoscope Libra (September 24 – October 23): Happy Coincidences in Love

On Wednesday, Jupiter transits into Aries and ignites a real fireworks of happy coincidences. Your dream partner might come as no surprise, but if you’re looking seriously, you now have the best chance of finding the one you’re looking for. Flirt like crazy!

A wonderful week is waiting until the measures taken. You remind yourself why you are with your partner. If you make time for your loved one now, you can reignite the fire in your relationship.

When one thing leads to another, you must be prepared and know both your erogenous zones and your heart zones:


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