What do you do when you go out

Baby food shortages are currently affecting the United States. But what should parents do when they go out and can’t find their favorite product?

Dr. said. Stephen Abrams, MD, professor of pediatrics at Dell University of Texas Medical School at Austin News weekHe describes the problems as “extremely serious”.

The reason for the shortage is supply chain problems and the recall of many contaminated baby food products.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that it is taking action to improve the supply of infant formula products. However, if you are having a hard time finding baby formula and you need it urgently, here are some expert tips on what to do.

According to Abrams, for kids who are on routine formulas — the vast majority — there is often still “a chance to find some alternatives, although this is challenging and getting more and more difficult,” according to your site.

“We encourage families to be flexible in their choice of formula and to be mobile as much as possible,” said Abrams.

Stock Illustration showing a bottle filled baby food. Baby food shortages are currently affecting the United States.

For most babies, it is okay to switch to whatever formula is available, unless your child has been given a special fully hydrolyzed formula or an amino acid-based formula.

Dr. Christopher Duggan, director of the Nutrition Center at Boston Children’s Hospital, said News week: “Online stores, local charities, doctor’s offices, and local WIC (women, infants, and children) programs can be a source of infant formula.”

Dr. said. Katie Lockwood, MD, a pediatric primary care physician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). News Week.

“Some pediatric practices may have samples of formulas or know of local resources for finding formulas, including advice from other families,” she said. “They may also be able to make recommendations to change the formulas to something similar that’s easier to find.” Sometimes smaller stores, such as family-owned drugstores or grocery stores, have fixtures in stock when large retail stores run out.”

Is it okay to rehydrate baby food to extend supplies?

According to Lockwood, it’s “extremely unsafe” to reduce water from formula to make the most of limited supplies.

“The formulas are made with a delicate balance of ingredients, including electrolytes and minerals, which can be dangerous to babies if altered. We are seeing cases of babies with low sodium and iron levels or too much water, which can be dangerous for babies’ hearts,” she said. Their kidneys, brains, and other organs.”

Can humans make their own formula?

all experts News week Also talk to parents and urge them not to try to make their own formulas.

“Forms are regulated by the FDA so that they are specifically made to meet the needs of a developing infant, and they are very difficult to replicate at home,” Lockwood said. “Families should not make their own formula because it increases the risk of contamination and malnutrition for their children. Homemade formulas often do not contain the right kinds of nutrients that infants need for their developing organs and developing bones.”

Is cow’s milk a safe alternative to infant formula? Are there other possible alternatives?

According to Lockwood, cow’s milk is not recommended for infants under one year of age.

“However, if your child is about a year old, your pediatrician may suggest using cow’s milk while you are deficient in bottle feeding. But I would discuss this with your pediatrician before using it,” she said.

“Baby formula is not usually recommended for children under one year of age, but it can be used for infants close to a year when infant formula is scarce. Again, this should only be done in consultation with your pediatrician.”

Meanwhile, Abrams said infants over six months can be given whole milk for a short time when not all other options are available, although iron supplements may be needed in those cases. You can talk to your pediatrician about this.

Currently, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises people not to purchase more than 10 days to two weeks of infant formula to help relieve deficiency.

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