Summer is approaching and bikini season begins again. So it’s time to buy the perfect swimwear that feels comfortable and pack a beach bag to put your body in the spotlight.

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As a rule, there is almost no material or a small cap: when it comes to swimwear and bikini, we take a particularly critical look in the mirror. It’s good that there are now swimwear that we can use to emphasize and show what we love most about ourselves. Behind that is the body positivity movement, which means more body acceptance and self-love.

It’s about accepting who you are and not directing yourself to any ideals of beauty. “The bikini model is being deliberately broken,” says Fatima Ngoya, junior fashion editor at Glamor So the tendency is to move away from the unreal or to resolve the uncontemporary ideal.”

This is why fashion companies are increasingly working with plus-size models. “We have a real potpourri of different styles and styles to take advantage of, all of which bring out different elements of the body,” says Fatima Ngoja.

All these women have an important message: Ladies love you and wear bikinis
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Show what you have in your swimwear

Everyone has a favorite place that he especially likes in himself. If we distinguish them visually, we immediately feel more comfortable and attractive.

The high cut bikini bottom is one of the great design elements of swimwear. “What’s new is that many high-waisted models are showing off big leg cuts,” says stylist and scout Richie Karkowski of Timmendorfer Strand. This stretches our legs and makes them really good.

Swimwear also offers these styling options. It’s currently available in two variants, each focusing on a different favourite:

One with a low back, which stands out with laces or bows. Or vice versa: swimwear has a very deep chest opening from the front, and sometimes even to the navel.

You decide which part of the body to emphasize

Designer Richie Karkowski recommends an eye-catching or low-cut top for those who especially love their cleavage. “And then bikini bottoms in a modern, high-waist style and subtle color.” And you’re going in the opposite direction if you prefer to draw attention to your hips and waist.

An alternative is trendy ruffles. They give the tops more fullness and emphasize the hips in panties.

Snippets are also a great design option. These holes are intentionally placed in the cloth. They are most often used at the waist, but they also show the skin in the area of ​​the upper part of the stomach between the navel and the chest, for example.

By the way, the cut-outs are Karkowski’s advice for women who want more curves. These eyelets at the waist form a visible hourglass shape.

Women in bikinis
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Feeling good is everything and the end of everything

Current fashion offers pieces that can be worn comfortably and with good cuts. High waist pants often reach the waist and are the best example of this. So there’s no need to pinch because underwear that’s too tight doesn’t rest well on the hips and tummy. No more constant insecurities because the top doesn’t cover the bust enough or doesn’t hold it well.

Another example is the halter top, i.e. with straps running on the neck. What’s new is that these straps are cut extra-wide and worn criss-cross, according to fashion scout Anette Helbig.

This not only provides more comfort than regular straps, but also gives the chest more stability – compared to sports bras, which often have criss-cross straps on the back.

Have you thought of two different colors?

“Colorful and eye-catching” is the current swimwear, says shopping scout Anette Helbig. The palette ranges from pink to orange to green, and the so-called two-tone models, that is, one-piece suits and two-tone bikinis, are also very popular. Black and white look more elegant, while orange and pink look cheerful and summer. By the way: the combination of orange and pink or pink is actually a color trend in women’s fashion.

Depending on the color gamut, two-tone cuts can also focus on our favorite aspect just like the cuts. Find a model that is the lightest and most striking parts of the areas you love most about yourself. You will probably never want to give it up again.

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