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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the new rnz.de website. We’ve cleaned up our site for you and organized it more clearly. With the new design, we want to make it easier for you to read news, reports and reports – whether on your computer screen or on your smartphone. We are glad to finally be able to introduce these innovations to you. And of course we’re curious how you’ll find the new rnz.de.

We have brought you what’s new at rnz.de. We hope you enjoy the new rnz.de as much as we do,

Sincerely yours, Gotze Munstermann (online editor in chief)

+ located at rnz.de

From now on, some of our articles can be read for free for 14 days and then become an RNZ + article. The majority of our articles are exclusive RNZ+ reports for our paying customers. With this new model, we create clarity: Free articles are funded by ads and RNZ+ articles are funded by subscribers to our RNZ community.

Subscription price reduced

At the beginning of the new rnz.de website we have significantly reduced the monthly price: from 12.90 employment 6.90 €. In addition, a RNZ+ subscription gives you access to our live app and RNZ news comes directly to your Android smartphone or iPhone.

  • Would you like to get acquainted with our own RNZ +? New customers join us for 99 cents the first month. Link https://shop.rnz.de/rnzonline-einstiegsabo
  • Have we already convinced you? if you can here Monthly subscription for 6.90 (cancellable per month at any time).
  • Already an e-paper reader? Already an e-paper reader? then you have RNZ + Listed and can be logged in using your access data.
  • Do you already read the printed RNZ? So we have here A particularly attractive offer for you.

We also offer one 24 hour pass 1.49 € if you do not want to have a monthly subscription.

Less ads

In general, we offer less advertising on the new rnz.de site – and for RNZ + subscribers there is a significantly reduced advertising area. Who is he RNZ +Zone registrations, only individually selected and local ads shown. Because here we have disabled the majority of banner ads. who is part of RNZ+ . community You will benefit from it.

my rnz

all RNZ + . subscribers We also offer an exclusive space for favorite sections or favorite authors. You can subscribe to individual sections or to RNZ authors and you will find these reports atmy rnzYou can also remember individual articles and find them centrally in this place if you want to read them at a later time. This means more of our service RNZ+ . community.

Find out what’s really important: the new local administrations

We’ve Focused – For You. You can now find our local reports in five clear sections: Heidelberg, Ryan Neckar, Sinsheim-Kraichgau, Neckar Valley-Odenwald Like Metro and Mannheim. In these local sections we give you a quick overview of what’s important in the area.

Moreover political and economic reports We’ve collected and provide a quick overview and background of what’s on the agenda in Stuttgart, Berlin and the world and why.

With us Consulting topics Consumers, travel, food and drink, health and knowledge, we provide you with more service and guidance for your daily life.

In the Sports, we continue to focus on the best teams from our region and have supplemented and expanded the offer here.

And of course you will find the latest news grouped in regional bar.

The RNZ+ community discusses

With the new rnz.de we also offer a comment area under almost every article. Here you can discuss the topic of the report and exchange opinions and factual arguments. Anyone who is part of our can join the discussion RNZ+ . community He has subscribed to this special area on rnz.de.

news for kids

RNZ and print rnz.de remain a medium for the whole family. Also on the new rnz.de website that we present with “certainly!In the RNZ+ area once again, news researched and written specifically for children.

Our newsletters

Keep track of the most important issues in the region. We’ll send you our newsletters several times a day via email or in Messenger on your smartphone. here You can book free shows.

Ads and portals

We have also reviewed the advertising area: here you will find an overview of our portals for Sadnes-And CareersAnd Property- And Car Ads. If you, as a private or business customer, wish to place an advertisement, you will quickly get to know our contacts and our full range of services. Are you curious? Then it works here Along.

New subscription store

Would you like to subscribe with us? Awesome, we’re happy! To make it easier for you, we have Subscription Store Completely redesigned. Here you can get an overview of our subscription offers. In the RNZ Service Center You can easily manage your details, change your address, use our holiday service and register delivery complaints.

RNZ Store

From now on you have RNZ Store to get rid of them. Here we bring you the most popular RNZ products. Are you looking for a personal gift? How about reprinting one of our historical issues? You can find these under Gift newspaper in our store. In the coming weeks and months, we will be introducing more and more new products here.

Welcome to look again and again In this About.

Do you have questions, criticism or praise?

He might make everything new – and then you don’t really find your way around. Please contact us if you have a problem with our offer.

And if you spot an error, don’t be afraid to let us know right away. Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees and then something slips through it. We are grateful for every tip on how we can do our job better. And if you think our work is commendable, we will not resist it.

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