Open and summon the horse Stormwind

In Elden Ring you can unlock Spectral Steed Stormwind, summon your horse which can move faster and even double jump. Additionally, you can also unlock leveling up with NPC Melina. Here you can find out what requirements must be met and how your horse works.

Unlock the Stormwind Horse

From the beginning of the game you can explore the first large area, Limgrave, as you wish and go in all directions. But you can’t directly use the runes you’ve collected to level up, and you can’t even own your horse at first. Without these two important features, you will quickly reach your limits.

Both spectral steers and leveling are unlocked via NPC Melina. However, you will only experience this if you activate certain places of mercy (illuminated comfort zones) in the limegraves and then settle in with them.

These are Grace places west and east of the ruins in front of the gate and the rest area south of Lake Ajil. If you settle in one of these places, Melina will present you with a short sight. We have also located the exact places of grace for you on the following map:

Sit in one of the mercy spots marked in red for Melina (Elden Ring) to appear.
Sit in one of the mercy spots marked in red for Melina (Elden Ring) to appear.

In a conversation with Melina, accept her offer to accompany you. It will then give you a spectral horse whistle, which you can use to summon your Stormwind horse at any time. It is best to put it in the quick check of your bag.

You can also from now on Select the menu item “Level Up” in each place of grace And put your hard-earned runes into your attributes and stats to improve them.

For example, if you chose the rune of the Middle Earth as a souvenir, you should visit one of the marked places of mercy as soon as possible so that you can raise the level several times. You can read in the linked guide how you can level up your farm and quickly level up your farm in Elden Ring.

Summon the horse and send away

To call your horse, you must use the Spectral Horse Whistle. After activation, this item ends up in your inventory on the Tools tab. You can put them in your quick selection as your healing potions so that you can always summon them quickly with the square / X button.

advice: In our opinion, it makes more sense to put the Spectral Horse Whistle in your bag and then use the appropriate Triangle / Y + direction keys to summon it. This saves you places in a quick pick and doesn’t accidentally summon a horse when you’re in a fight or in a stressful game situation.

How do you get off a horse? To detach the horse, you either press the same buttons when connected or the L3 button (press the left analog stick). Tip: If you press the L3 button while running, your character will jump straight off the horse. So you can skip the animation to go back and you can continue to walk smoothly.

Tips for fighting storm winds

From now on, your horse will give you completely new possibilities for mobility. He can sprint (press the circle/B button), he has a double jump (press the X/A button twice) and you can overcome amazing altitude differences with vertical wind turbulence.

In addition, Storm Wind is very practical in battles and above all else It’s better to fight dragons or full enemies in addition to the bosses than your horse, because it balances the speed of your opponents. But be careful: if you take a significant damage and get off the horse, it will take a relatively long time before you can get up again. During this time you are defenseless against enemy attacks.

Reviving the horse: Stormwind is generally immortal, but has a life bar like yours and can be temporarily incapacitated. To revive the horse, rest in the place of mercy or summon it again and use a bottle of scarlet tears to revive it. If Stormwind loses some life energy, you can use crafting and create roa raisins from roa fruits and give them to him to eat.

You can perform attacks from the back of your horse as follows:

  • L1 / LB button: Light attack on the left side with the weapon in the right hand.
  • R1 / RB button: Light attack on the right side with the weapon in the right hand.
  • L2 / LT button: Fierce attack on the left side with the weapon in the right hand.
  • R2 / RT button: Fierce attack on the right side with the weapon in the right hand.

If you want to attack the horse with the weapon/stick/seal in your left hand, you must first use it with both hands, otherwise the weapon will always be used in the right hand by default. By the way, the ashes of war from the horse cannot be used.

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