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Magical Animal School: German Film Award for Most Famous Movie &  Nominations for Best Children's Film and Best Visual Effects

Magical Animal School

German Film Award for Most Popular Film and

Nominations for Best Children’s Film and Best Visual Effects

School of Magical Animals is the first children’s movie to win the Most Popular Film Award at the 2022 German Film Awards! So far, the film has been watched by more than 1.7 million viewers in German cinemas. In addition, The MAGICAL ANIMALS was nominated for Best Children’s Film and Best Visual Effects. The German Film Prize will be awarded on June 24.

The magical adventure continues: Part Two is already directed by
Sven Unterwaldt
Foolish. Magical Animal School 2 will be released in cinemas on September 29, 2022!

The movie based on Margit Auer’s hit book series School of Magical Animals is a great fun and fast-paced adventure for kids and the whole family!

Ida must move. Far from her home, school, and most of all: far from her friends. She is having a rough time in her new chapter. One day, the class teacher, Miss Kornfield, announces that soon every child in the class will have a magical animal companion. Ironically, strangers Ida and Penny are the first to greet their new buddies, who will become lifelong friends. Ida nicknames the Fox Garter, Benny the Turtle, Henrietta. Not only can magical animals talk, they each have their own character. While the Henrietta is a bit slow but 200 years old and very wise, the Rabbat is just as smart as he is clever. Suddenly, Ribat has made Ida a class star and everyone wants to be friends with her. On the other hand, Benny remains an outsider. But at least he can skate with Henrietta and share his passion for pirates. There is more excitement in school: things keep disappearing, the school robber is about to get hurt! Unbridled suspicions spread and the exciting search for the culprit begins.

Since October 14, 2021, the DIE SCHULE DER MAGISCHEN ANEI children’s and youth book series, which has sold more than 8 million books in Germany alone and has been translated into 26 languages, can be seen on the big screen. The second part will be released in cinemas on September 29, 2022. Director Gregor Schnitzler brought to life the first cinematic adventure for the whole family inspired by the wonderful stories of author Margit Orr. The main roles are Emilia Mayer, Leonard Conrad, Loris Sicherovsky, Nadia Uhl (Tim Thaler or Sold Out), Justus von Donani (publisher), Heiko Penkowski (The Most Beautiful Girl in the World), Stefan Luca (Da Most Man through), Marlene Lohsey (Red Bands FC – How It All Began) and Milan Bischel (Jim Knopf and Lucas Motor Driver). Max von der Groppen (Lindberg! Make Your Own), Katharina Thallbach (Hanni and Nanny: More Than Best Friends) and Sophie Royce (Schrekenstein Tower) give their voices to magical animals. Sasha sings the main song.

School of Magical Animals was produced by Kordes & Kordes Film Süd, in co-production with Leonen Studios, WEGA Film Vienna, and Clever Productions. Funded by the Media and Film Society Baden-Württemberg (MFG), FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (FFF), Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA), Medienboard and the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, Austrian Film Institute, Filmfonds Vienna and FISA.

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