What does the term “NFT” mean?

The term “NFT” is being mentioned more and more in the digital world. These are digital collectibles that reach very high prices. But dissenting voices repeatedly warn of supposed scams around NFTs.


We explain what the acronym NFT stands for, what’s special about NFTs, what the opportunities and risks are with NFTs and where you can buy NFTs.

What does the acronym NFT mean?

NFT is an acronym for Non-fungible Symbol. This describes non-replaceable numeric codes. Non-replaceable means that the digital item cannot be reproduced. NFTs are unique and cannot be duplicated. Therefore, they are unique and non-copyable digital objects.


NFTs are based on the blockchain. Thanks to the blockchain, NFTs are counterfeit-resistant and reach very high prices due to their uniqueness. Unlike other blockchain-based commodities such as Bitcoin, NFTs have a unique digital signature. Bitcoin is the same as other Bitcoin. A total of 21 million bitcoins can be generated, all of the same value.

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Each of the NFTs has its own unique value. This allows NFT to reach a very high price while both bitcoins have the same value. The blockchains on which NFTs are based are blockchains that offer smart contracts and thus can be the basis for decentralized applications. The main blockchains in the NFTs are Ethereum and Solana.

How do NFTs work?

NFT is based on a blockchain that contains information about NFT. Each block in the blockchain is equipped with information about the previous block. As a result, the blockchain possesses the “digital footprint” of the digital asset. This uniqueness can lead to accurate identification of each digital asset.

NFT can take various forms of all digital goods. But digital artworks in particular have been creating as NFTs in recent months. These digital artworks fetched extremely high pricesThey are unique and have caused a lot of noise through digital auctions and fetched such high prices.

Monkey is bored

When you buy an NFT, you get exclusive access to the NFT’s blockchainAs a result, NFT ownership is coldly defined and artwork theft is excluded in principle.


How is NFT pronounced?

The pronunciation of NFT mostly includes individual letters, which are pronounced separately. aThis is how you say “Enn-eff-tee”. Other pronunciations include the pronunciation “neft” or “naft”. However, these forms are much rarer and the pronunciation of the individual letters ensures that the person who hears the term knows what is meant.

What are the opportunities and risks associated with NFTs?

As unique digital works of art, NFTs offer extremely high opportunities to several areas of the digital world. For example, NFTs have revolutionized the art market and brought a whole new form of online art trade to the world.

But NFTs have also had a huge impact in other areas such as the world of music or games. In the future, NFTs should find more and more areas of application and push more towards the mainstream.

NFT . Mona Lisa

NFTs offer the following opportunities:

  • Unique NFTs Thus it can generate high prices. Thus, the artists have a chance to earn a living through a few works.
  • When transacting in NFT exchanges, artists always receive certain ratio sale price. This way, artists earn money with each change of ownership.
  • The art market has become inclusiveAnyone with internet access can purchase such artwork through digital auctions. This leads to more interest in art in general.
  • The Customizability Artwork, music, etc. are limitless. This gives artists more design options and control.
  • The bond between artist and buyer/consumer is getting stronger. Blockchain progress More direct contact between two sides.

However, NFTs also have certain limitations Riskswhich we would also like to list here:

  • In the past, this has happened repeatedly with NFTs tricks. As this is a new technology now entering the mainstream, it attracts free riders looking to monetize scams with NFTs.
  • NFTs have seen a huge uproar. As a result, NFTs fetched many cartoon characters exorbitant prices. This in itself is not a problem. However, it can cause some projects to get a lot of noise and The real value” of a work of art that is no longer reasonably represented.
  • There is a risk that large platforms such as OpenSea will gain a significant amount of market control.

Where can I buy NFT?

NFT can be purchased on different platforms. First of all, we have to name the large NFT platforms.

DrThe largest and most important NFT platform is OpenSea. Here you can select your NFTs among hundreds of NFT combinations and buy NFTs at different prices. You can buy NFT directly or participate in an auction.


Another popular platform is rare, which predates even OpenSea and also offers a large set of NFTs. However, OpenSea has surpassed rare popularity in the past.

These platforms offer NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain. However, the Solana blockchain also plays an important role. We summarize the Solana NFT platforms in this article.

Another platform where you can buy NFT is the largest trading platform in the world, Binance. Binance offers a central market for NFTs, which can have both advantages and disadvantages.

You can find all the information on how to buy NFT on Binance in our article on this topic here.


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