What is the magic of Eden? – Guide for Solana NFT . platform

The Solana blockchain has proven itself very well in the NFT market in recent months. NFTs have always been an area limited to Ethereum only. But Solana caught up to him very well. Magic Eden is one of the most popular Solana blockchain-based NFT platforms.

Magic Eden has benefited greatly from the increased demand for Solana NFTs over the past few weeks. The NFT platform is growing rapidly and there are very interesting groups outside the well-known and often expensive ones on big platforms like OpenSea. Today we present Magic Eden.

What is the magic of Eden?

Magic Eden is a relatively new NFT platform for the Solana blockchain. On it, users can buy, sell and create NFTs. On the platform, Solana’s network token, SOL, is used as a method of payment.

Similar to platforms that use Ethereum, the fees are small. There is a 0% listing fee and a low transaction fee of just 2%. This makes it easy for new buyers and creators to access and use the platform comfortably.

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Magic Eden is a growing platform. More and more groups are being created on a daily basis. The outlook for the future is that the platform will continue to grow over the next few months. With this said, platform functionality should continue to increase and the platform community should continue to grow.

What is Solana?

Solana is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies in 2021. Especially in the second half of the year, when the cryptocurrency market turned bullish again after the price crash in the spring. The Solana blockchain uses a new consensus mechanism to prove history. This greatly increases the transaction speed. As a smart contract platform, Solana can achieve tremendous scalability.


The SOL icon is the Solana network icon. The Sol cycle skyrocketed in 2021 and made it into the top 10 cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, Solana has fallen slightly due to frequent performance issues and crashes. However, it is still one of the most popular cryptocurrencies at the moment.

Guild Aavegotchi

What are the popular combos in Magic Eden?

One of the most popular NFT kits ever can be purchased at Magic Eden. “Decadent Monkeys” became one of the most popular NFT groups in the last quarter of 2021. Their noise caused the price of Solana’s SOL token to reach a new level.

degenerate monkeys

The groups consisted of NFTs depicting “degenerate,” meaning mentally retarded, and cartoonish-looking monkeys. The group caused quite a stir at the end of 2021. It remains the most popular Solana NFT group. Of course, “Degenerate Monkeys” can also be purchased from Magic Eden.

How do I use Magic Eden?

Below we would like to introduce the functions of Magic Eden. We tell you how to buy, sell and create NFTs.

How do I set up a wallet in Magic Eden?

In order to use Magic Eden, you need to connect your Solana wallet to the platform. To do this, go toConnectWalletHere you can select the Solana wallet. You can connect the following wallets:

Eden magic wallet

Many of these wallets act as browser extensions. Follow the platform’s instructions for using the appropriate wallet.

How do I buy Soul Tokens?

To buy NFTs on Magic Eden, you need to purchase SOL tokens for your wallet. You have the opportunity to do this on well-known cryptocurrency exchanges.

Now is a good opportunity to buy a SOL token. Easily buy SOL and other coins from Binance and Bitfinex exchanges!

How do I access NFT groups?

In the main menu, click on the menu on the leftgroupsThis is how you access the Magic Eden combos.

NFT . groups

Here you can choose between all popular and new groups. Under ‘Popular’ you’ll find great groups like these Degenerate monkeys.

How do I buy NFTs on Magic Eden?

When you browse the collections and find the NFT, click on the NFT you wish to purchase. You can buy NFT at list price by clicking on “Buy nowClicks. You will be connected to your wallet and then confirm the transaction.

Buy Magic Eden NFT

How does bidding on NFTs work?

Alternatively, you can bid on NFT. You must bid at least 50% of the list price. If your bid is the highest after a certain period of time, you will receive an NFT.

above “for me Profile personly” And “Offers madeYou can also cancel your bid before the bidding process is complete.

How does Magic Eden Launchpad work?

Be the first to see and buy new projects on Magic Eden Launchpad. To do this, go to “In the menu on the leftlauncherAnd you’ll see new groups soon.

You can see the name of the collection, the number of items in the collection, the average price, and the time until project launch. Below you will find projects that have already been published.

Magic Eden Launchpad

On the other hand, you can create an NFT set yourself and sell NFTs via the launchpad. If you want to sell through the launchpad, go to ‘in the menu on the leftcreators“and then to”Apply for Launchpad“.

How do I create NFTs in Magic Eden?

To create your own NFTs, go to ‘in the menu on the leftcreatorsHere you can choose between menu, launchpad and auctions. You come to the Creators interface.

The creators of Magic Eden

To do this, you must enter an email. The platform will send you a confirmation email. After confirmation, you will land in Creators of Magic Eden. To start the process, go toCreate a new group“!

What other functions does Magic Eden offer?

Magic Eden offers other functions that we would like to summarize briefly:

  • Auctions: In auctions, you can bid on NFTs until the bidding time has expired and the NFTs have been awarded.
  • statistics: You can see statistics about the NFTs of the platform.
  • Eden Games: Here you will find many games to be played for profit based on the Solana blockchain. This is another way to get NFTs.
  • social communication: You can follow Magic Eden on Twitter and Discord here and access the platform’s podcast and blog.

You can also buy SOL from crypto exchanges Coinbase and Kraken.

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