When is Friday the 13th? Questionnaire about spirituality and love

Updated: 05/12/2022 – 20:35

Do couples believe in fate?
The date of Friday the thirteenth.. what role does spirituality play in love

Is it fate if a spark is sparked on the first date?  A sign from heaven both like the same reading?  Read what Germans think about spirituality in love.

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Is it fate if a spark is sparked on the first date? A sign from heaven both like the same reading? Read what Germans think about spirituality in love.

What is the fate of relationships? Does spirituality play a role in love for most people? What the survey found.

Do you believe in destiny, soulmates, and destiny when it comes to relationships? Do you trust what your horoscope says about love? Are you going on a date on a day like tomorrow, which is Friday the 13th? A survey has now determined how important spirituality in love is for singles and couples.

Spirituality and Love Poll: Dates for Friday the 13th?

Putting yourself in the hands of an inexplicable higher power, or rather not relying on the so-called fate: how do the Germans see this? Online dating agency Elitepartner wanted to know more about this and has 6,107 adults – no members! – He asked about it.

These are the most important results:

  • “I think there are people made for each other” – more than half of the women agreed with this statement, or 51.1 percent. Men were significantly less: only 36 percent supported this view.
  • Horoscopes and astrology as a topic when dating and getting to know each other? About a third of those surveyed don’t think much about it – 34.3 percent think it’s ridiculous.
  • Soulmates in Love: They Exist! 38.5 percent of women but only 24.5 percent of men are satisfied with this.
  • Finding the right partner is destiny? Yes, say 29.8 percent of women — and no less than 23.9 percent of men.
  • Ah yes, famous love at first sight. Many dream about it. But do you believe in it? A quarter of those surveyed did so, or 26.6 percent.

Speaking of which, read how most relationships start with love at first sight…

How about Friday the 13th?

Aquarius meets lioness: 14 percent of those surveyed are convinced that some signs work better together than others. Many also believe that neurobiological processes are necessary for attraction between two people. Rational or inexplicable, science or astrology – there is a balance here.

A clear rejection of the myth is given when it comes to the unlucky Friday assumed to be Friday the 13th: Not planning anything important on this date, such as a date, engagement, or wedding, only 6.7 percent of men come up with this idea and it’s interesting enough even Fewer women, only 5.4 percent.

Expert: We want to understand love – but not remove the magic

“Belief in something that cannot be fully scientifically analyzed and therefore beyond our control is a big part of the fascination and explains why so many crave purpose and love at first sight” — this is Lisa Fischbach, psychologist at Elitepartner, for sure. She continues, “When it comes to the phenomenon of love, people often unite two – at first glance contradictory – directions.”

“On the one hand, we want to understand love, decipher it, make it computable, and on the other hand, we don’t want to take away its magic.” But each person has developed his own interpretation of love with different proportions of rationality and mysticism – which is why Lisa Fischbach advises not to come up with theories about which horoscopes can come together when dating.

It might not necessarily be our destiny, but it could certainly be our downfall and jeopardizing our relationship: Did you also fall in love with someone Kryptonite?

Speaking of polls: do you know how well the rituals are received by couples – especially which ones?

And we’ll explain this to you too: Friday the 13th – a real day of misfortune or is it just a myth?

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