Radeformwald: Kids create a wildflower meadow

“Go Green Wupper” at Kammgarnweg in Radeformwald
Children planting wildflower meadows

In the context of the multi-part “Go Green Wupper” project, things will soon appear colorful and blissful along the Kammgarnweg. The children were there working for nature.

With determination and courage, the children dipped their small flower pots into the large bucket that Alina Kopelberg and Jochen Breeze of Life’s Children and Youth Center carried with them, picking up tiny kernels, and then generously scattering them by hand over the loosened field. One person who is particularly looking forward to the result is nine-year-old Anis: “I have planted wildflowers many times before,” the boy rushed. “I have already planted the seeds in my garden and in the woods,” he continues, sighing. “I like to relax in nature. In the garden in the summer I put a chaise longue next to the beautiful splendor and watch what happens in the wild flower bed.

He has seen all sorts of things there, such as snails, worms, birds, and butterflies, and also many bees, bumblebees, and wasps, and he recounts it with fondness. Despite his young age, he already knows a lot about the function of a wildflower meadow, that they provide an important habitat for insects and that non-enclosed areas are better for the environment. Anise sighs again in relief.

We hope to see this lovely extravaganza, of interest to our nine-year-old, soon in Kammgarnweg. Because this is exactly where eight children aged four to 14, accompanied by Breeze and Koepelberg, sowed the seeds provided by the Bergisches Landscape Agency (BAK) from the “Bergisches Blumenmee(h)r” pilot project. A work launched as part of the multi-part project “Go Green Wupper” by the district administration of Wupperorte in cooperation with the youth club and municipal environmental officer Regina Hildebrandt.

Sabine Knabe, who lives directly across from the new wildflower meadow and who was also on the day of the campaign, gave the impetus to this in advance to see how children sow the seeds under the expert guidance of Hildebrandt. “Usually a lot of people go for walks with their dogs here, and this I have nothing against in principle. But beautiful flowers are also much nicer than empty grass, ”says one of the residents of the estate. Knabe has lived in Kammgarnweg for 27 years and is now even happier to see colorful flowers coming out of her window. Knapp finds it reasonable and important that the campaign be carried out with children. “I love doing something like this with the kids because it serves environmental education,” says the environment official. If a field of about 200 square meters receives regular moisture, Hildebrandt is sure that the first results can be seen in two or three weeks. “Unfortunately, it is currently very dry, which is why I will be asking the yard to drive here more regularly to water,” Hildebrandt says. When the first flower emerges from the ground and germinates, passers-by along the Kammgarnweg, but above all insects, will be able to enjoy the new wildflower meadow all summer.

In preparation for planting with wildflower seeds, the lawn was removed by a specialist three weeks ago. “In order for the wildflowers to grow well, the grass must be removed down to the roots. I think it was at least 20 to 30 cm,” said District Administrator David Trozynsky, who was unable to attend the day of the event for health reasons.

If you want to make a little space for a wildflower lawn in your garden at home, you need to make sure that the lawn is completely removed beforehand. “If you just sprinkle seeds on an existing lawn, the wildflowers won’t grow,” Hildebrandt says. The district administration also supports by distributing free bags of seeds.

Another incentive: all residents of Wupperorte can participate in the flower contest until June 28. Simply register at ☏ 0151/114 58294 or send an email to info@gm-wupperorte.de and send us photos of your balconies and flowered gardens.

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