“Rosamund Belcher – Love Is Unpredictable” on ZDF on Sunday

News of the current series in GALA tape: “Rosamunde Pilcher”: New movie “Love is nigable” on Sunday +++ “Das Boot” enters its third season +++ “Wendehammer”: ZDF mini-series starts today.

News of the series in the tape GALA

May 13, 2022

The movie “Rosamunde Pilcher – Love Is Unpredictable” comes to ZDF

“Rosamund Belcher – Love Is Unpredictable” is the name of the new production that will air on ZDF on Sunday 15 May. The film tells the story of computer scientist Dr. Mary Cameron (Maxine Cassis, 33), who developed an algorithm for a dating portal to match couples. For an advertising campaign, a young couple, according to Mary’s algorithm, should be completely identical, spending a month in a dreamlike hut. The campaign was accompanied by social media expert Paul Morris (Tobias van Decen, 42) and Marie. Over time, Mary must realize that love cannot be predetermined by mathematical formulas.

“Rosamund Belcher – Love is Unpredictable”: Amanda (Eva Nurnberg) and Zach (Tobias Schaeffer).

© ZDF / John Ailes

Actor Tobias Schaeffer, 25, played Zachary Lockwood in front of the camera. In an interview with “Westdeutsche Zeitung”, he stressed the importance of productions such as the Rosamunde Pilcher film in times of epidemics and wars: “It enables people to immerse themselves in another world, at least temporarily.” Anyone who watches a movie like this can “take a moment to breathe and compare the terrible pictures in the news.” The film will premiere at 8:15 p.m., and is also available to stream at the ZDF media library.

‘Das Boot’: Sky starts on May 14 with two double episodes

“Das Pot” has developed into one of the most successful series of the Sky Media Group. The third season begins on Saturday, May 14, with ten new episodes, which will be broadcast twice a week at 8:15 pm on Sky One. For viewers who do not wish to be bound by program schedules, the program will also be available to stream on Sky Ticket and Sky Q starting this date. “Das Pot” is from the books of author Lothar Günther Buchheim. In 1981, a film adaptation of the same title directed by Wolfgang Petersen was released.

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Season 3 begins immediately after the end of the previous season: the crew surrounding Lieutenant Robert Ehrenberg (Franz Denda, 39) enters a battle at the Atlantic, pursued by British Royal Navy Commander Jack Swinburne (Ray Stephenson, 57). After his son’s death, he made it his mission to sink German submarines. Fans of the popular series can rejoice that the fourth season has already been confirmed. Filming is scheduled to begin in June of this year, but this time with only six episodes.

12 May 2022

“Wendehammer”: a short series about friendships and a dead body in the lake

“Wendehammer” is the name of the new ZDF mini-series, which will start on German television on Thursday, May 12, 2022. It tells the story of the four friends Mike (Mike Drust, 42, known from “Murder with a View”), Franzie (Susan Hawke, 40), Nadine (Frederic Linke, 41) and Samira (Elmira Ravizade, 41) – a group of suburban ladies who share a dark secret that slowly but surely comes to the surface of a community lake. The team of four is honored by Julie (Alice Dwyer, 34), who has just moved in, who is looking for and finding a connection with the four friends.

The introduction to “Wendehammer” is very reminiscent of the American series “Desperate Housewives”, which was also about a murder in a small suburb. Although the mystery of the corpse in the lake is the series’ backdrop, the ZDF production is more about the lives of very different women, says actress Dwyer in an interview with RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland. “It’s about friendship and whether you would choose it. And how you became immersed in your life or your normal life.” The six-part series is always broadcast on ZDF on Thursdays at 8:15 p.m. and begins with a double episode.

May 11 2022

‘Red Roses’: Marcus Graf returns as Nikos Saravakos

Root Rosen fans are excited on Instagram, because one of the favorites will soon appear again in the telenovela: Nikos Saravakos, played by Marcus Graf, 69, is back after a hiatus of a few years. The official account of the series on Instagram confirmed this through a post that said: “Papa Saravakos has returned and will certainly bring another exciting or ill-conceived idea or idea to Lüneburg.”

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Although the exact date of his comeback is not known yet, fans are making their joy very clear in the comment column. An ardent fan wrote: “Eeeeeeendlich … Nico appeared in Lüneburg. It will not be boring with him and Carla it will be wonderfully fiery and chaotic. Thank you, my prayers have been answered.” Viewers often write that it is time for his return. In fact, this is not Graf’s first appearance after leaving “Rote Rosen”: over the years, the actor has appeared several times in his role, most recently two years ago.

May 10, 2022

In All Friendship: Who is the newcomer to the series?

Actress Andrea Katherine Luig, 55, introduces a new castmate in a post on the series’ official Instagram account, but the actor’s exact identity remains confidential. “Hello, my dears,” Loewig salutes in her role as Dr. Catherine Globusch fans. “There are days at Sachsenk’s clinic which are completely normal. Routine. Then there are special days. When you have a new colleague, for example. And I would give it to you now, at least what I am allowed to do.”

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Then the actress sticks her hand in the camera and then shows one of the feet of the colleague whose face viewers do not see. In the comments there are some guesses about the actor and the new colleague. So some fans agree that this is a physical therapist who will make his debut on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 in the episode “Katastrophenalarm”. The episode can be pre-broadcast in the ARD media library and is already well known to some viewers. The following episodes will clarify whether fans should be right on this assumption.

May 9, 2022

“Red Roses”: an actress from “Lindenstraße” will be in the next season

In the new 20th season, Root Rosen will feature an actress many fans know from another popular series: Sarah Massock, 44, who played Dr. Iris Brooks played. In the upcoming “Red Roses” season, Masoch will play entrepreneur Annette Roth. She is scheduled to make her telenovela debut on Tuesday, May 31.

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Fans on Instagram are already looking forward to the newcomer. Some are a little skeptical about their role at the time, like this user: “I’m curious. I didn’t think they were that cool at Lindenstrasse.” However, most others are unbiased about Masoch’s participation in the new season. The actress will make her debut with Teresa Hobchen, 51, who plays Annette’s friend Sandra, in episode 3571.

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