Schornbacher movement barn with RFID-controlled automatic feeding – Schorndorf

The tension looks different. At the Rost family’s exercise stable in Schornbach, the horses line up in a leisurely – yes, you could almost say civilized – line to get their food. If the feeding station is free, the gate opens via a light barrier. The reader identifies each horse by its RFID strip on the ankle and the IT system identifies the individual feeding amount.

Feeding box closes slowly. The bayhorse appears to be aware of the automatic shutdown, and quietly continues to feast on the hay in the barred box, tilting its head and lunging—the horse’s normal eating position, as when grazing, until the slide of the lock stops letting go. Space is completely led down. “In the IT system, it is stored for each horse that this or that horse may eat several minutes a day. We determine this in consultation with the owners,” explains Magnus Rost.

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