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Before the wedding: find a priest

As soon as possible before the desired date of the planned wedding, couples should consider the church and pastor they wish to marry. This can be the pastor of your diocese or of another diocese. The church wedding must then be registered with the relevant parish office.

Newlyweds who do not know which Protestant church community they belong to can use the online community search function of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) to find out. Of course, this also applies to parishes in the desired location for the wedding ceremony; The addresses of most Protestant parishes in Germany are listed in the online tool.

By the way: Even if you got married in a diocese other than your home diocese, you need the parish contact address at home. This is because they make a declaration of consent (dimissoriale), which is required for a wedding elsewhere.

The most beautiful churches in Bavaria

If you are looking for a suitable church: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria offers some of the most beautiful Evangelical churches in Bavaria.

In the file of the Sunday newspaper “Evangelical Churches in Bavaria” we depict private places of worship in Bavaria.

Find the right wedding saying

The wedding motto is the personal motto of life together. It should express what is important to the couple. In the case of a Protestant wedding, this saying must come from the Bible.

Thanks to the platform, newlyweds can easily find their personal Bible verse in just a few clicks, and thus the wedding verse that suits them.

Wedding prayers, intercessions and texts

When designing a wedding service, couples have options – they can choose prayers, words, songs, music and personalize intercessions as well.

The Bavarian Evangelical Church put together a selection of texts for the wedding.

Here you will find biblical texts for Living Together, for example from Ecclesiastes of Solomon or the Song of Songs. But also other texts, poems and songs, such as Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Love Song” or an Irish Blessing to Marriage. In another publication there are examples of introductory psalms, marriage texts, and scriptures on marriage, as well as suggestions for intercession.

music for worship

Couples looking for inspiration for wedding songs will find what they’re looking for in the “Music at the Wedding” article. Suggestions are listed from the Gospel hymnbook that fit perfectly into the musical composition of the wedding service: songs at the beginning, between sermon and reading, after the blessing, at the Last Supper and at the end of the service. Some with audio samples.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria also lists wedding-appropriate songs from the Gospel hymn book in an organized overview. The special feature: Song suggestions are arranged by theme – some of the songs listed express ‘praise and thanks’, others are the themes of ‘the good life’ and ‘love’.

Wedding parades, songs of thanks and praise as well as ideas for appropriate folk spiritual and secular love songs can be found in the Sunday newspaper article “Wedding: Hymns for Wedding Service.”

Preparing the newlywed

Wedding is a planning feat. Future spouses often spend a lot of time organizing their party. An important point is to talk about marriage about four to six weeks before the church wedding with the pastor.

Couples can use a checklist prepared by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria to prepare themselves for any important points in this conversation.

Supporting the church in planning the wedding

“You are planning your wedding and wishing for wonderful, unforgettable and unique moments. We will help you arrange your wedding in a way that suits you and your guests. We will help you find the place and space for this moment of Baraka.” This is how Segen.Servicestelle of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria describes its offer.

Segen.Servicestelle supports couples in their search for church connections, but also in the search for the right venue for the wedding: this could be a church, but also another place (also outdoors) that the bride and groom would love.

More information about church weddings can be found in our “Wedding and Marriage” profile.

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