What does puppy socialization mean?

At this stage (from week eight to week sixteen) the puppy should get to know people, animals, and different types of dogs. It’s the process of introducing your puppy to new impressions, adventures, and experiences. For example: sounds, places, weather and other creatures. It’s about mastering new situations with confidence.

In addition, these animals are looking for a new home:

Katz Gerald and Cirella

Handsome cat Gerald and his beautiful sister Cirella were abandoned at the end of January because their owners had developed a cat allergy. From the very beginning, Gerald showed himself to be very loyal and devoted to people. He is a true magician and wants to communicate directly with everyone who enters the room. Cirilla usually sends her brother first before she also seeks to connect with people and then shows herself as lovable and affectionate. Both are very social with the other cats in the room. As usual for kittens, the two are still very playful and love to run after games or fight together.

Unfortunately, Gerald has a small defect in the form of a slightly cloudy retina in his left eye, and several eye medications are currently being used to try and benefit from it. However, Gerald does not mind at all and gets along with her. Since the two brothers are so attached to each other, the animal shelter wants a home for them both. It would be great, after the acclimatization period, for them to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors and taking a walk outside in the green. Children are also welcome home if they can already understand and respect the needs and requirements of the cat.

Bunny Mimi and Paco

The cute bunny lady Mimi came to the shelter with her boyfriend Paco last September. After initially hesitantly hesitating, both quickly dissolve away due to their curious nature. Then they look confident, smell your hands and love to be petted. Mimi and Paco love watching the fanciers in action. Human contact is good for both. They are always looking for something new related to nutrition, for example a shelf filled with vegetables or food hidden in a straw.

Mimi and Paco are looking for a home where they have plenty of space and can discover many exciting things. A large outer enclosure should have enough places to retreat and hide. Hay and clean water should be available to them around the clock, but snacks in between should not be missed. The idiosyncrasies are welcome to live in their new home where they can make friends. However, new owners should be familiar with rabbit socialization. Beautiful Mimi and friendly Paco can’t wait to finally move into their lifelong home.

Hangover Rockville

The tough Tom Rockefella arrived at the shelter last year with 23 other cats, after a short stint in a new home, now he’s back looking for a forever home. The Rockefella is a very shy cat that takes a long time to build confidence. Sometimes he appears to be afraid of us humans when we get too close to him. The new owners must respect his feelings while allowing Rockefella to slowly open up to her and get closer to her. Since he has lived with other cats his whole life, we wish he had another cat friend in his new home. A confident cat who can learn a lot from her and learn from her would be great.

It would also be great if Rockefella was given the freedom to roam and explore the countryside in his future home as well. Since the Rockefella needs a lot of rest, child-free beds would be an advantage. The Rockefella should also get used to the care of their fur, as their long fur needs regular grooming. A beautiful cat needs loving and affectionate people, deA plush paw can evoke a self-confident and confident cat who is reserved with patience and a lot of love.

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