New series “The Time Traveler’s Wife”: Eternal Love

New series “The Time Traveler’s Wife”
Khaled’s love

Theo James and Rose Leslie as time-traveling couple Henry and Claire.

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The series adaptation of the novel of the same name begins on May 16 with the movie “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. A time travel story that takes time.

Time travel is one of those things. The more you think about it, the tighter the knots in your mind become. The endless narrative possibilities of the time travel paradox have long occupied the minds of film and series makers. Whether in a comedy series like Back to the Future, or in an action-horror series like Terminator, or in series like Doctor Who or the German production of Dark.

Each of the examples cited shows that time travel stories are usually too complex and multi-layered to be told in just one tape. This also applies to the 500-page bestselling novel The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niveniger (58). It was auditioned in 2009 in the movie of the same name, but with modest success. After all, how can an epic love story that literally breaks the laws of space and time successfully sum up in just 108 minutes? Answer: Not at all!

To do justice to the novel, US station HBO turned it into a six-part miniseries. Not only real-time travel experts are to blame. Spoilers from the future of the Internet is almost impossible, because: German viewers will be able to enjoy it soon after the start of the United States. The series will start in German or English on Sky from 16 May – every Monday from 8:15pm via Sky Atlantic, or also weekly on demand via Sky Ticket and Sky Q.

Eternal Love – That’s it

While many kids have an imaginary boyfriend, girl Claire is real but no less adorable. A man named Henry (Theo James, 37) has visited her since she was six. He reveals to her that he is a time traveler against her will. Without control, to determine the time and destination of his travels, he is repeatedly thrown into the past or future. The only constant halfway in his travels: he usually ends up in times and places that are directly relevant to his life.

So did Claire’s visits. Because as it turns out, the two later — Claire (Rose Leslie, 35) now an adult — get to know each other naturally and fall madly in love with each other. But how can a relationship work when one partner disappears from second to second, only to wake up completely naked and confused another time? Even worse, how are you supposed to be in a relationship when he forcibly shows you how it’s going to end?

It’s time to unfold

The Time Traveler’s Wife takes six hours (6 times 60 minutes) to answer these questions. Stephen Moffat (60) has been appointed as one of the producers and David Nutter (62) as director and screenwriter. Moffat has already demonstrated a knack for science fiction and time travel stories with his aforementioned remake of the cult series Doctor Who. And thanks to “Sherlock” he created one of the most popular series of the past decade.

Nutter also launched an exciting journey through time in series form with “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”. In short: Enough Mindblow expertise is always taken care of behind the camera.

Two central characters

But fans of the series know it, too. The main characters, Claire and Henry, Theo James and Rose Leslie are played. He is best known for authoring a movie from the science fiction novel series “Destiny”. Meanwhile, she has made great progress in “Game of Thrones” series as Wildling Ygritte and a very tragic love story of fan favorite Jon Snow.

She is married to his actor Kit Harington (35 years old) since 2018. In the fantasy series which was also produced by HBO, they were denied such a happy ending. Which begs a final question: Will “The Time Traveler’s Wife” viewers have to pull their handkerchiefs again? Or is there still time and space for a happy ending? Anyone who wants to try this has six dates to attend in the near future.


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