Chip and Dale: Not for the kids? Review of the movie Return of the Knights of Justice on Disney +

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Chip ‘n Dale: The Knights of Justice returns with a new Disney+ movie. Our review of the film reveals why adults in particular enjoy self-critical comedy.

The Disney animated series “Chip and Dale: The Knights of Justice” had “only” 65 episodes and was canceled in 1990, but due to the many iterations, all the ’90s kids were supposed to meet chipmunks on an afternoon TV show.

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The new Disney+ movie “Chip and Dale: The Knights of Justice” is now deliberately targeting this target group of millennials and presenting an amusing criminal case that is actually just an excuse for countless satirical jokes. While kids can easily watch Chip and Dale – it’s still a Disney movie – the humor and story line should leave kids indifferent, while adults have a good time.

“Chip and Dale” is not a sequel or retelling of the series, instead we learn how high school friends Chip and Dale became the stars of their own series. However, feeling that he is playing Chip’s second fiddle, Chap leaves the chain, which leads not only to its cancellation but also to the end of their friendship.

Nowadays, Chip and Chap’s golden days are long gone, Chip sells insurance and a young man hopes to make some money at conferences with his autographs. When their old friend Samson contacts them and disappears without a trace shortly thereafter, the craftspeople must gather themselves and begin an investigation.

Disney+ subscribers can enjoy various cameo looks for popular cartoon characters, not all of whom belong to the Disney universe. The various pop culture hints fit well into the plot and you don’t risk appearing completely outdated again in a few years.

The risk of spoilers is low with a movie like “Chip and Dale”, but it’s worth watching the movie as soon as possible, because many successful and surprising jokes will soon flood the Internet in the form of meme and GIF.

No wonder, since director Akiva Schafer is a member of the comedy troupe The Lonely Island, which took off the internet with videos like “I’m on a Boat” and “Jack Sparrow” during “Saturday Night Live.” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star Andy Samberg, who is also a member of The Lonely Island, voices the role of Chap in the original English version of “Chip and Chap.”

Other well-known voices from the world of comics, such as Seth Rogen (“The Lion King”), Will Arnett (“Murderville”) or Keegan-Michael Key (“Schmigadoon!”), are unfortunately lost in the dubbed German version, as well as some Puns that are difficult to translate. If possible, you should watch “Chip und Dale” more with the original sound.

While most Disney+ originals look a lot like Disney Channel or direct DVD productions, Chip n Dale actually feels like a movie. Given the effort that was clearly put into the project and the humor one would like to experience with a large audience, it is unfortunate that this is a broadcast only version.

At the same time you’re dealing with a real Disney+ highlight that shouldn’t be missed. By the way, it is not important that you were a fan of “Chip and Dale” in the past. With “Chip und Chap”, Disney has managed a project that we hope will lead to more creative adaptations of old animated films such as “Die Gummibärenbande” or “Käpt’n Balu und seine darkühne Crew” in the future.

Best Disney+ movie so far!

“Chip ‘n Dale: The Knights of Justice” is like an elaborate mix of “The Muppets,” “Pokémon: Detective Pikachu,” and “Follow Roger Rabbit.” Countless creative ideas, great humor and a little excitement make Chip and Dale a hit for the whole family – but especially for all parents!

Lorenzen merchants
age classification from the age of 6
Period 96 minutes

20 May 2022

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Who is broadcasting Chip and Dale: Knights of Justice?

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  • Alexander Young
  • David Huberman
  • Todd Lieberman
  • Tom C Petsman

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  • American Broadcasting Corporation

  • Mandeville movies

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