French startup brings NFT sneakers to Metaverse

While the NFT and Metaverse market continues to grow, there are unique players like Sneakmart who have started their small revolutions by integrating the digital and physical worlds. That’s the goal of Metakicks, the first emerging line of NFT sneakers.

Sneaker and NFT – a parallel world?

Some brands have created a rarity for some models, allowing them to turn models that were once into original collectibles that everyone wants. The Nike Air Jordan 1 High is a model that embodies world-renowned athlete Michael Jordan. This is how a simple name can become a global brand.

Sneakers have become a rarity by releasing only limited editions. Some contain only a few dozen copies, others contain tens of thousands. Sneakers are a lucrative market today, valued at over $6 billion. Collectors and enthusiasts are buying and reselling these limited edition sneakers on the secondary market at a high price.

It is still not clear how this relates to NFTs?

With the development of Web3 and the increasing acceptance of NFTs, the fashion is becoming more and more digital. Sneakers belong in the first row. In both the real and virtual world, our appearance is an integral part of our life in society. With it we express our personality or belonging to a group.

French startup Sneakmart is a community-based mobile app that is well aware of this phenomenon. According to the startup, there’s a great similarity between buying a pair of sneakers to resell at a later time and buying a “digital” pair to collect or resell later at a higher price.

Cryptographic projects in the NFT space are very popular right now, but the space can be a bit confusing. The number of NFT projects is growing exponentially, but many of these projects are sometimes questionable. Sneakmart took the time to develop a well thought out project that is not just a shot in the blue but the start of a new era for the Sneakmart community. The startup wants to use the revenue generated to internationalize the app, develop unique features, and invest in the long-term benefits and new limited pools of Metakicks owners.

Mystery Metaquick Chest. Source: Sneakmart

15 unique designs from a team of sneaker lovers

The Sneakmart team has created 15 unique designs of 3D animated sneakers with a 3D animated background using different shapes, textures, materials and colors. The inspiration for this came from years of buying, reselling, and collecting iconic sneakers. These 15 designs will be randomly distributed in Metakicks chests and will be ranked according to different rarity levels: Legendary, Epic, Super Rare and Rare. Among the 15 designs there are 1 “Legendary”, 4 “Epic”, 5 “Ultra Rare” and 5 “Rare”.

The level of rarity is determined by the different designs of the pair. The shape, texture and materials used are also taken into consideration.

Why Metakicks will be one of the best combos in 2022

Everything is developing very fast these days. In 2022, Project Metakicks wants to play a role. To this end, a community of enthusiasts has been built, including users of the Sneakmart application. Besides the community, the Metakicks project has also attracted many people who are interested in NFTs around the world.

Sneakmart harnesses the origins of the street fashion world for its collections. Investors who purchase sneakers in NFT format also get several other benefits in addition to NFT: exclusive access to offerings and derivative products, and use of NFTs in the future metaverse or physical sneakers.

Source: Sneakmart

Collaboration with StockX: A Chance to Win 625 Sneakers

Sneakmart has partnered with StockX, the world’s leading streetwear marketplace with over 30 million monthly active users. StockX is the official “shoe physical partner” for the first edition of Metakicks. This partnership between the streetwear giant and a startup shows that there is still plenty of room for innovation and new concepts in the streetwear market.

Metakicks and StockX logos. Source: Sneakmart

You can’t talk about Sneakers Mystery Boxes without giving material gifts: 625 pairs of real sneakers are hidden in Metakicks boxes. In addition to digital sneakers, you have the chance to get some of the trendiest sneakers currently available in the market. Various models will be drawn on including the latest Jordan 1 Hi, Nike Dunk Low, Jordan 4, Adidas Yeezy 350. For the lucky ones, Sneakmart has also hid a pair of Jordan 1 Dior, as well as a pair of Jordans in collaboration with Travis Scott – these are two strong and limited models for sports shoes.

Overall, this first drop from Metakicks will give sneakers more than $200,000 in value. Winners of these physical pairs will be able to choose their size and shipping will be provided internationally by StockX. This allows Sneakmart to gain the attention of its community and at the same time, the crypto community as a whole.

Source: Sneakmart

You have a 10 percent chance of winning a pair of these athletic shoes. This makes the opportunity twenty times greater than getting a limited-edition sneaker when it goes on sale. If you open the Metakicks Mystery Box, you will discover the Metakicks you receive. You can also check if you have won a physical item. Metakicks were not visually linked to physical sneakers – all included in the Metakicks NFT data. Fund holders do not have to open their box and can keep it closed for as long as they wish or sell it closed. Besides this 10 percent chance, Sneakmart and StockX are also offering exclusive “phygital” Metakicks gifts. In doing so, they appeal to sneaker lovers around the world in a unique way.

1/1 Special Editions of Metakicks and Partnerships

For this drop, international footballers have created unique designs for the first time from Metakicks Drop. Many prominent footballers such as Didier Drogba, Kinsley Coman, Thelo Kahrer or Marco Verratti will design a unique version of Metakicks, which will only exist once. These digital designer sneakers will be auctioned off on the Opensea platform before the fall.

The lucky owners of these metakicks also have the chance to watch some games as a VIP, get autographed items, or even meet the player himself.

Some players like former striker Didier Drogba wanted to give a charitable aspect to the project and donate the money raised to charities.

Each pair comes from a specific world. This allows the lucky owner to stand out from the crowd in the digital world.

Source: Sneakmart

Sneakmart will also unveil a series of one-off Metakicks in collaboration with brands and Web3 communities. Savoir Faire Paris, the French designer of handcrafted sneakers, started designing his own metakicks. The lucky owner of this pair will receive a custom made metakicks Jordan 1 Off-White Coffee Latte at Savoir Faire Paris. In 2019, Pierre Gueguen founded his own Savoir Faire workshop and since then he has been making unique, bespoke sneakers. His expertise has also inspired the well-known DJ SNAKE, who made custom sneakers for him.

Source: Savoir Faire Paris

Sneakmart – A mobile app for streetwear lovers

Sneakmart is the first community app dedicated to streetwear (sneakers, apparel and accessories). Launched in France in January 2021 as a mobile app for iOS and Android, the startup has already registered over 150,000 francophone members there. Users share information with the community on the topic of athletic shoes/streetwear and can buy and sell in the process.

We started Sneakmart for a reason. And that reason is our love of sneakers. We’ve been collecting, buying and selling sneakers since we were kids. Today, with Metakicks, we want to give enthusiasts the opportunity to enter Sneakmart. metaverse with something they really love: sneakers.

Today, the French startup aims to become the first global street fashion community to combine the capabilities of web2 and web3. The app will soon be available in other countries as well.

When and where will Metaquix come out?

The 6,250 Metakicks funds will be available for purchase on the official Sneakmart website in June 2022 and will be dropped on the Ethereum blockchain.

Join the Sneakmart community on Discord now, Twitter and Instagram and don’t miss out on anything from this exclusive and exceptional promotion.

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