After Ferrero recalled: more than 260 cases of salmonella confirmed

Several Ferrero products have caused salmonella poisoning in consumers. Now the confirmed cases have been published.

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Several Ferrero products have undergone a global recall due to salmonella. Now confirmed infections are known.

CAssel – The recall of several chocolate products from Italian confectionery factory Ferrero has caused sharp criticism in recent months: Salmonella was discovered in sour milk tanks as early as December 2021 during inspections at the Ferrero factory. Despite hygiene measures implemented, many Easter chocolate products were contaminated. Now the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has published confirmed cases of salmonella poisoning.

company Ferrero
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German production Stadtallendorf in the state of Hesse

According to the CDC report, there are 266 confirmed cases in Europe. There are also 58 suspected cases. Children under the age of 10 are most often infected with salmonella, and about 41 percent of all infected have been treated in hospital. The EU authority wants to continue to monitor developments.

The famous Ferrero chocolate dessert was also affected by its international recall due to salmonella.

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The European Union authority announced cases of salmonella infection after the recall of Ferrero: products are still in circulation

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) first detected Salmonella typhimurium bacteria in December 2021 at the Ferrero factory in Arlon, Belgium. Proper hygiene measures were taken at the factory at that time, and then another salmonella test result came back negative.

Ferrero launched a major recall campaign in April, just before Easter Sunday. Hundreds of cases of salmonella have previously been linked to Ferrero products from the Arlon factory throughout Europe. Shortly thereafter, the Belgian factory was closed. Several cases of salmonella were reported in the UK as early as mid-February, according to the ECDC. Despite the factory’s recall and closure, chocolate products contaminated with salmonella could still be in circulation, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The EU authority also indicated that some cases may not have been registered. from Summon Ferrero affected are the following products:

  • Kinder Surprise Eggs Pack of 3, 3 x 20 g (best before: April to June 2022)
  • Chocolate Cakes for Babies (best used before: May to September 2022)
  • White Kids Chocolate (May to September 2022)
  • Kinder Surprise Egg Maxi, 100g (best before: April to September)
  • Kinder Mini Eggs All Kinds, 100g (best before: August to September 2022)
  • Kinder Mix Color Mix, 132g (best before: August-September 2022)
  • Baby Mix Basket, 86g (best before: August-September 2022)
  • Baby Mix Bag, 193 grams (best before: August-September 2022)
  • Happy Moments Kids, 162g (best before: May to September 2022)
  • Kinder Happy Moments Mini Mix, 162g (best used before: May to September 2022)
  • Surprise eggs for kids (pack of four, best before 21.08.2022)
  • Maxi Mix Plush For Kids (best used before 21.08.2022)
  • Baby Egg Mix (best before 21.08.2022)
  • Kinder Surprise Maxi Egg Smurfs (best before 19.08 to 18.09.2022).

Over 260 Salmonella Cases in Europe: Consumer Organization Criticizes Ferrero’s Behavior

Australia and Canada were also affected by the recall. New Zealand Deputy Director-General for Food Safety Vincent Arbuckle warned of infection with the bacteria: “The effects of salmonella infection can be serious, especially in children under five, adults over 65 and people with compromised immune systems.” In Great Britain A three-year-old boy became seriously ill with salmonella infection. Just a few weeks later, in May, another confectionery manufacturer had to start a recall: Strauss/Elite chocolate products may have been contaminated with salmonella.

The Ferrero factory had to close due to the spread of salmonella. European Union authorities found bacteria in yoghurt tanks.

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The fact that Ferrero had been aware of salmonella contamination for a long time led to sharp criticism of the confectionery factory. “If such an error occurs, residents should be warned immediately,” Andreas Winkler of the consumer organization Foodwatch said in early April. In his opinion, personal responsibility and self-monitoring by manufacturers is not enough, “transparency obligations of the authorities are necessary so that cases like Ferrero are made public immediately.”

Ferrero recalls due to salmonella risk: Christmas chocolate affected too

Shortly after the Easter products recall, Ferrero also warned against consuming some Christmas sweets:

  • Kinder Surprise Maxi Classic Egg Christmas, 100g (best before April 20, 2022)
  • Kinder Surprise Maxi Pink Christmas Egg, 100g (best before 20.04.2022)
  • Kids Mixed Boots, 219g (best before 20.04.2022)
  • Baby Gift Bag, 193g (best before April 20, 2022)
  • Maxi Mix Plush For Kids, 133g (best before April 20, 2022)
  • Kids Mix Table Advent Calendar (best before 20.04.2022)

Consumers also fear salmonella contamination with Nutella Nougat cream. Nevertheless, the confectionery factory was able to reassure German consumers: since the 1960s, Nutella has been produced for Germany and the Northern European market at a factory in Stadtallendorf in central Hesse, and not at the damaged factory in Arlon. (Natasha Trijong)

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