blue Vogtlandspiele is the modern-day Spartakiade. Up to 5,000 children and youth will participate from June 16-19. The focus is on the greater city of Vogtland. “We chose Bloen because the metropolis is celebrating its 900th anniversary,” said District Administrator Rolf Keel (sponsor), Stephen Fogmann, local athletic federation president and organization director Ralf Schmutzler unanimously at the press conference.

I ordered 5,000 T-shirts and 2,500 sets of medals

After a two-year hiatus with Corona, District Sports Federation General Manager Michael Degenkolb is very happy: “We have ordered 5,000 T-shirts and 2,500 sets of medals.” Jenna Spranger won as the ambassador for the Vogtland Summer Games. The 23-year-old boxer from Leubnitz returned to Vogtland from the federal base in Frankfurt/Oder during the Corona pandemic. With three silver and three bronze medals at the German Championships and the German Universiade, Gina Springer is a great role model for youngsters. “It is a great honor for me, as a former Vogtland Olympic participant, to be now an ambassador for this marathon sports. Both for my school team and later for the Olsnitz boxing team: I have always given my all at the Vogtland Games,” the young woman looks like returning to her wonderful youth .

Thank you: 500 volunteers at work!

Talentiade will definitely be a showcase for Vogtland esports again. KSB President Steffen Fugmann emphasized: “This is ensured by 500 volunteers, and we are very grateful to them. Because such a huge event will not work with sponsors alone.” The biggest donor is the region itself, which on Wednesday handed over a €25,600 support check. “The money was well spent,” says boxer Gina Springer. She had once used the Vogtland Games and other competitions as a springboard and climbed to the top. She finished third in the 2020 Boxing World Cup and also qualified for the European Championship. Then Corona came and since then all sports have suffered from the epidemic.

Great joy and confidence among the athletes

“That’s why we’re so happy we can start over,” sports official Jan Rodwald says confidently at the hot stage. In addition to the main court, Plauen, there will also be Adorf (badminton), Oelsnitz (boxing), Bad Elster (fencing), Reichenbach (karate), Mehltheuer (bowling), Falkenstein (athletics), Treuen (boxing), Mylau ( rolling) and Wernesgrün (a comprehensive sports festival.) organize competitions. The organizing committee has added beach basketball, funino soccer, speed golf and cheerleading to the program. More information at