xcircle in Munich begins to hold the first art exhibition of NFT

The first NFT art fair only stops briefly on Museum Island. xcircle is a curated and dynamic display of digital art in a 3D virtual space. The primary market exhibition will be presented for the first time as part of “NFT-May 2022”. xcircle will debut as part of this series of events on April 18th./ May 19 with NFT showing at BLITZ Club and another NFT show at El Pasha on May 31. Both events show the transfer of analog art to NFTs and vice versa, sometimes blurring themselves in the room by the immersive art.

NFT’s first art exhibition in Munich in two clubs in May 2022. Image source: xcircle

For now, you can follow the hype around digital art on a daily basis. Web3, DeFi, DAO, blockchain, and the metaverse are on everyone’s lips – but only a few break through to topic and business. Instagram has just started testing with NFT Cryptography to introduce the technology to a wider audience.

This is exactly where startup xcircle comes in and is constantly one step ahead: the art gallery platform creates 360-degree spaces in which NFTs can be experienced and purchased as 2D files in 3D space. In doing so, xcircle breaks through the approach of previous NFT trading platforms and considers digital art spatially. Aimed at collectors and art lovers who value quality and sustainability.

NFT can be experienced instead of getting lost in the digital space

Every digital art object on the platform is unique, and it is displayed in the virtual space that you enter and experience digital art. It can be purchased in both FIAT and cryptocurrency. At the same time, one gets the NFT as a certificate of ownership or authenticity. On the contrary, digital art can be transferred from this space to the analog world. Either by projection, in print, or on a smartwatch by those who have purchased NFT and own the digital artwork.

tech-savvy art audience

Therefore, xcircle is not such a classic art space white cube And not a virtual space for a purely artistic audience. xcircle is limitless in time and space and creates cross-generational, immersive and 3D access through an intuitive VR architecture developed by sooii, where any art can be experienced as a digital twin.

Idea and concept from Germany

The startup xcircle was founded by Digital Specialist Annette Domes, an expert in technology-based art and artwork associated with the blockchain. Be on board as a founder real estate expert Kristina Brugger is a fan of NFT And Pioneer and 3D designer Arndt Johannes. In contrast to the previous developments in the NFT market, which appeared mainly in the USA, Asia and the Middle East, and despite the high requirements of Bafin and data protection regulations, the xcircle team operates from Germany.

future art market

“We want to set an example that innovation can also be promoted in the art market from Germany,” he explains. always. “And we want to build confidence in the new form of art trade with our clients, because we firmly believe that NFTs will be the future of the art market alongside traditional art.”

At the same time, the startup is building a circle of like-minded people who are interested in innovation and the future. “That’s why our community ambassador is Ava Versi, a virtual influencer and first virtual artist,” he explains. NFT Evangelist Doms tracking. “Raised by software, it interacts with the real world, and confronts us with new questions about our reality.”

NFT series of events in Munich

On May 5, 2022, the largest series of events on the topic of NFT in Germany began in Munich. Artists on the xcircle platform are: Louis Zino Cohen and Karim El Murr (Photography and sound), Betty Mo (AR, set video), Tamiko Thiel (digital art pioneer), Daniel Man (street art) Carol Jost (art of investigation), Holger Liebmann (digital art pioneer), Martin Rosenthal (pioneer of video art), Sandro Porco and Tom Glos (Sculpture) , Matthias Wasck † (painting), Tania Vujnovic (New media, visual and audio artist)

The artists’ works are presented at the NFT Art Gallery in the cryptocurrency range of 0.25 ETH to 6 ETH, which corresponds to a range currently between 680 and 15,000 euros. There are individual pieces for sale, but entire rooms are also for sale.

xcircle preview – soft launch of nft art gallery

D central, part one
18/19 May 2022 | View NFT
BLITZ Club, Museumsinsel 1, 80538 Munich from 5 pm to 11 pm

D central, part two
May 2022 I NFT SHOW
Bacha, Maximiliansplatz 5, 80333 Munich from 5 pm to 10 pm

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