District Reitweg Mühlviertler Sterngartl

Bad Leonfelden/Altenburg. More than 400 kilometers of trails in the Mühlviertler Sterngartl and Gusental district are available for horse owners in the region to use as members of the Reitweg District Association.

The association is tasked with 18 participating municipalities and private land owners in the area to nurture and maintain this offer over the long term and develop it in a future-oriented manner.

At the beginning of May, the annual general meeting was again held regularly and this time in the municipality of Altenburg. Together with the participating members, the association was able to welcome Deputy Mayor Anna Schnagel, President of the Upper Austria Equestrian Federation Richard Kreischbaumer and well-known nature filmmaker and honorary member Erwin Bruel.

Gasthaus Prangl in Altenberg provided the framework for the meeting, and the president of the association, Michael Belwachs, informed attendees of the association’s activities in the past period:

All trails have been digitally recorded and are now available to members and communities as digital mapping materials. This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Upper Austria Lider Rural Development Program.

Funding from the LEADER program has also made it possible to produce a short film about the area and the safe symbiosis of recreational activities such as hiking, biking and working out with horses on the permitted trails.


In collaboration with StarStone Film from Bad Leonfelden, a contribution was made showing how we can travel together safely on the multi-use trails in the region. Multiple use of public walking and cycling paths also interferes with bridle paths and encounters with horses are very likely. Quiet Encounters, declare yourself welcome, a safety distance of at least 1.5 meters with priority for horses allows for frustration-free encounters on the trails in the area.

In order to continue to maintain safety on the tracks, particularly at crossings with major traffic routes, alternatives to the safe crossing of the main link of the B126 road between Zwettl ad Rodl and Glasau have been realized in cooperation with the municipality of Sonnberg and the mayor Leopold Eder, finding the state of Upper Austria.

Vice-Chairman of the Board Christian Enzenhofer, who has been a member of the Board of Directors since the association’s founding in 2005, and Joseph Zenhofer, who has been in charge of the Society of St. Both left the club at their request. The club is pleased to have Günther Willemeyer as its new Vice-Chairman with experience in the field of horses.

200 members

Despite the challenges presented by the CoVid pandemic, the association, board of directors, and local managers with association assistants were able to keep the track network for use with horses up-to-date in the out-of-office period and also for content development. With a membership of about 200 members, consisting of owners of horses and stables in the area, the association’s board of directors and local officials spent 150 days volunteering for the area in 2021.

In this way, the association would enable the horses and their owners to navigate the area on orderly routes without the possibility of conflict with the landowners. A prerequisite for this is membership in the association in order to obtain permission to use the bridle trails, ride horses, or drive horses and carts. Motor and mental tasks are very important to our leisure partner and part of a healthy and balanced posture.

The countryside surrounding Mühlviertler Sterngartl and Gusental allows small farms to offer horse stables as an option for other types of farming. Today’s high workload in companies shows us the economic importance of living horses in our highly mechanical world. And the high readiness of horses in our area is a good thing

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