Gareth Hughes wins the Compiègne Grand Prix by more than 76 percent

Miracles still happen: Britt Charlotte Dujardin rides a new horse at the International Grand Prix and is not automatically placed first. In Compiegne, France, it was occupied by compatriot Classic Priulenka, who received nine special judges’ degrees.

Gareth Hughes may frame Compiegne’s Dressage Protocol. Or the British dressage racer will carry his grand prix score tucked into his coat pocket as a lucky talisman. Because he knows: The 76-plus percent score, 76.152 to be exact, is a pound of fat that you can use to make huge profits. But it’s not just the percentages that should make the 51-year-old happy. Above all, there are very special moments in the protocol that give him impetus in the race for a place in the British squad for the World Cup.

Top judges with the highest scores in Compiègne

The possibility of overtaking the Classic Briolinca is nothing new. She proved it at the European Championships 2019 in Rotterdam as the best British duo of the post-Valegro era. But now there are nine passages of passages and also two of the whale. A grade of “very good” is treated with an inflationary grade less than grade eight. Suzanne Barup, who will be the head of the Danish jury at the World Championships in Herning, gave ninety. Katrina West, the German pope for free swimming and head of the jury at the Tokyo Olympics, pulled the game once. In addition, Hughes received 78.152 percent of Elk Ebert. Ebert is the German referee at the World Championships in Denmark. You could say, ‘Well done Gareth’ – it goes well for the guy who’s already been used three times on the British Championship teams.

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Kettle and Mace are just ahead of 76 percent

Swede Patrick Kittel has brought several Grand Prix horses to the start in the past few months. Most of them are self-trained. But with newcomer Blue Hors Zepter, trained by Daniel Bachmann Andersen up to Grand Prix level, Kittel is now on the run. Eighth in the World Cup Final, second now in Compiegne with 75.782%. The pair dropped points in the first two piaffes. Zack’s son didn’t make any big mistakes. Fox should have recommended himself again for the World Cup.

Third place goes to British Charlotte Fry with Dark Legend with 73.543 per cent. She sat in front of fellow Olympic teammate Charlotte Dujardin, who made Dutch Imhotep’s international debut. The Dutch eunuch is only nine years old. To be exact, it won’t be until the end of July. Dujardin says he is a horse for Paris. On his debut, he scored a nine (for a discus from the judge in C, Katrina Wüst), the first spin failed, and the powerful walk averaged 7.0. In the entire Canter tour, there were “only” four-eights, three of which were for strong trotting.

The Grand Prix was held without German participation. In the U25 Grand Prix there was second place for Paulina Holzknecht, who, after the death of Ein Traum, is now bringing in a new horse at the start with Entertainer Win, the half-brother of Grand Galaxy Win’s mother. The two scored 70.128 percent and were only beaten by an American boy of German descent: 70.55 percent were under the protocol of Benjamin Ebeling, who had Oldenburg OLD status against. Bring a statesman to Compiègne. Oldenburg – this fits! Before Benjamin’s father Jan, born in Berlin and after his American citizenship became an Olympic rider, decided to flee bad weather in northern Germany to California, he lived in Oldenburg, among other places.

Compiegne results can be found here.

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