Storm: Minden schools dismissed children earlier today

Because of the massive storm warning: Minden schools are separating children on Friday afternoon. Or keep it in a safe building

Because Severe storm warnings also for Minden ends the school For most children and young adults Earlier than usual on Friday. Mayor Dr. Roland Schroeder just confirmed. Early release is intermittent No clutter at bus stops And production in the parking spaces of the parents. So the parents will be notified of this in these minutes (11:28 AM).

elementary schools

Menden Primary School sends children It’s 12 pm home or leave them Pick up from their parents. Also from Open All Day School (OGS) pick up the little ones will. According to Schroeder, children would not be sent home unsupervised under a storm under any circumstances.

Comprehensive School and High School

The Comprehensive School and Realschule Menden They leave their children and young Overlapping at 12.20 pm and 12.30 pm he goes. This also applies here Only if the way home is secured Otherwise, the children will remain in the safe school until after the storm.

High school

The High school Spending their children and youth Today at 1.10 pm, so they don’t rush to buses with high school and middle school students at the same time. You can also pick up from 1:10pm.

All afternoon shows In Menden schools, whether they are lessons or workgroups Definitely canceled.

Huge warnings from weather services and advice from firefighters

Act fast before the storm, the Menden fire brigade advises: Remove loose objects from gardens. If started: Roll up the blinds.

The German weather service warns today in North Rhine-Westphalia Severe thunderstorms with heavy rain of up to 60 liters per square meter and thunderstorms of up to 130 kilometers per hour. can likewise Hail with grains up to five centimeters long occur fall appear. However, thunderstorm cells are very difficult to predict in terms of path and intensity. Therefore, no long-term warnings are possible. Exact localization is also impossible beforehand. In the TV breakfast on Friday morning Explicitly warn of danger to life. It can start at noon.

According to District Fire Chief Michael Kling, area firefighters are well prepared for weather conditions. Pre-planned structures are available and the fire brigade parking service monitors the weather “closely”.

Recommendations for citizens: get information and think about the neighbors

The fire brigade makes the following recommendations to residents: Keep a close eye on weather conditions. Use information sources from weather services on radio, television, and the Internet. Heed and follow Warnapp NINA’s warnings and authorities! In the event of a storm, use only 112 to make genuine emergency calls. VERY IMPORTANT: Think of the people around you who need help or don’t understand our language. They need your support.

In severe storms: stay home, but never go into the basement

Stay home and only leave the house in an emergency. In the event of hail and hurricanes, close windows, shutters, or blinds. Securing items moved outside, such as garden furniture or bicycles. Avoid basement rooms, as they can flood very quickly and become life-threatening traps! Also avoid rooms with large ceilings. Unplug sensitive devices.

Outdoor behavior: In case of extreme cold, lie on your face

Avoid unprotected places. Take shelter in a building. When it’s cold outside, lie on your face and protect your head and neck with your hands. If there is no protective building in sight: Walk with your feet close together, stay in a hollow if possible and bend over the balls of your feet. Avoid open areas during thunderstorms. Maintain a distance of at least 50 meters from overhead electrical power lines. Avoid contact with metal parts such as umbrellas and bicycles.

You are very safe in the car: do not touch any bare metal parts

In the car you are safely in a thunderstorm. So drivers should stay in the car without touching any bare metal parts.

For Thursday: All clear comes in the late afternoon

After heavy rain on Monday, many are worried Menden women And Minden Before the new storms announced. The fire brigade gave the fire Thursday in the late afternoon: four trees In the western shadow When asked by Westfalenpost, Fire Department spokesman Stefan Dettel said it had been flipped. “They’ve already been wiped out,” he says in the late afternoon. basements overflowing Like last Monday fortunately not recorded.

+++ It happened during the storm on Monday +++

subordinate German weather service It was before Thursday severe thunderstorm Beware of hurricanes, heavy rain and hail. Accordingly, there should be hurricane-like winds of about 110 km / h and heavy rain with precipitation between 25 and 40 liters per square meter.

to Friday Meanwhile the next storm is imminent.

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