Children’s trampolines: a clear warning from Gelsenkirchen

There are now trampolines in many Gelsenkirchen parks. But doctors warn of “extreme risk of accidents”. How does the trampoline see it?

In recent years, many families have brought home the Schalke Trampolino or Ückendorfer Alma-Park in slim form: big trampoline It is an integral part of many Gelsenkirchen parks. Since the Corona pandemic, manufacturers have been looking to increase sales. But hype has its downsides. “The risk of accidents is very high”says one of them, Porsche pediatrician, Klaus Vogtmaier Trampoline injuries increase Observed. “I’m getting over it and not jumping with the right moves.”

Gelsenkirchen doctors report regular accidents on trampolines

Only recently was a three-year-old patient with Vogtmeier again Broken elbow and forearm Set up. Moreover strains, eg on the ankle, more frequent in recent months. “Come more often broken arms Because it can happen so quickly that a child on a trampoline accidentally hits his arm with his own body weight,” says Vogtmaier. Children are overweight There is a special danger here.

However, it’s not just acute injuries, according to Vogtmaier, the constant stress caused by excessive constant mobility can also lead to problems. We already have patients affected by this in the growing bone I got some damage.”

Peter Kivers, chief medical officer at Trauma surgery At Marienhospital Gelsenkirchen he is also well known for typical trampoline accidents – but not only in children, but also in adults from time to time. “However, we can treat most injuries surgically, and there is less long-term harm to children.”

So that there is no trampoline accident: Parents should keep this in mind

To not get this far in the first place, parents should meyour supervision Don’t neglect it when jumping on a trampoline, my doctor Gelsenkirchen dismisses it. Giving yourself a break while kids are on a trampoline is a wrong approach. “Parents should pay attention!Kaifers says. Adds Vogtmer, who also explains many of the accidents by the fact that often not only that – as recommended by many manufacturers – only child Bounce on the trampoline.

Nicola Martens, a movement specialist at AOK Northwest, explains what can be very problematic about navigating together. “Every child has a different jumping rhythm. Because of the vibration of the jumping mat, the jumps become uncontrollable, and the children fall or bump into each other,” says the expert from the health insurance company.

Basically, according to Martens: the youngest child, fractures and other serious consequences are more likely to occur – because small bodies cannot handle the forces that arise when jumping and the bones are not yet strong enough. indeed Older children often get: Every third injury in accidents involving 11 to 13 year olds involving sports and fitness equipment is a trampoline accident, as the Robert Koch Institute discovered in 2016.

Trampolino Gelsenkirchen: This is how things look here with the risk of accidents

But is it just about trampolines in the park? How about bouncy parks like that trampoline In Schalke Sports Park because of accidents? “We’ve been running the trampoline for 18 years and there haven’t been any serious injuries yet” – which doesn’t mean, however, that there haven’t been one or two incidents, says Sportpark president Martin Renk. On a trampoline. Rink sees this primarily as a consequence of over-estimated self- “For example, if a fat father in his thirties wanted to show him how to do a somersault.”

As far as supervision is concerned, efforts are being made to “provide the best possible care,” says Rink. In addition, the risk of injuring yourself in the trampoline is also lower than in the park because “our trampolines are cushioned on all sides”. Plus, be everywhere Networks Available – which of course is not an issue in the garden.

Positive aspects of the trampoline hype: “Jumping strengthens the muscles”

Trauma surgeon Peter Kaifers also draws attention to this: “Of course, the mesh is the first way to ensure greater safety.” The worst injuries from a large fall can be prevented in this way. If you take everything into account – supervision, network, high childlike spirits – then you don’t have to demonize jumping. “You cannot wrap children in cotton wool.” AOK sees it similarly: “Jumping also strengthens muscles and requires coordination skills and stamina.”confirms Nicola Mertens.

Pediatrician Klaus Vogtmer is a little more skeptical. He warns of false ambition: “For me, it’s like riding a bike: You don’t have to introduce kids to certain things too soon.” “It always depends on the individual muscular and mental development of the child.”

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