Monkeypox: How dangerous is it for children and adults

  • Monkey pox: Several known cases in EU countries – increase the number
  • The first case of monkeypox in Germany Proven – reports of the German army
  • Robert Koch Institute: These are the symptoms
  • Course and treatment: This is how monkeypox develops
  • Who is the warns and recommends Isolation and contact tracing

at Great Britain There have been a few since the first case of monkeypox More infectionsn Meanwhile, the increase Cases of monkeypox in other countriesCases have now also appeared in Spain, Portugal and other countries. And now also in Germany. The World Health Organization (WHO) Now he makes a strict recommendation: Isolation and contact tracing. Which symptoms You need to pay attention and how severe the RKI is for the disease, you can find out here.

Doctors should be vigilant: monkeypox is likely to be sexually transmitted

in one of RKI published the article It says, looking at cases in the UK, you should monkey pox It’s a possible cause of unexplained smallpox-like skin changes even if people have not traveled to certain areas. According to the RKI, MSM should Unusual skin changes Seek immediate medical attention.

According to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), the number of cases of the rare disease registered in Great Britain increased on Wednesday. Communications between those affected are only partially known. In some cases, it is not clear where sufferers are infected. The two most recent cases in London and southeast England were unrelated to travel to countries where the disease is endemic. So it could be The spread of infection in humans in the United Kingdom She said in a message from Wednesday evening (May 18, 2022).

According to the authority, the majority of those infected in Great Britain are men Sexual intercourse with other men king. monkey pox Until now Not as a sexually transmitted disease Known, UKHSA stressed, but they can through direct contact during intercourse Move. So men who have sex with other men were asked to look for any unusual rashes or injuries on their bodies, Especially in the genital area to be respected.

Blood, tissue and excrement – this is how monkeypox is usually transmitted

According to the RKI, the disease is usually transmitted through bodily fluids such as Blood, tissue, or feces of an infected animal on the human. In most cases, rodents transmit the skin disease.

One Transmission of monkeypox from human to human be extremist rare It is only possible with very close contact. To date, smallpox has not been considered a sexually transmitted disease. According to the RKI, current cases show the opposite.

The infection becomes more contagious as the disease progresses: “Transition as early as possible into the prodromal phase with face-to-face contact through airway secretions.”

Spread of monkeypox in other countries: Dozens of suspected cases are being investigated

cases in reality rare monkey pox They are now being discovered in more and more countries – now also in Spain, Portugal and the USA. The CDC said Wednesday that a person from Northeastern Massachusetts has been infected. In the majority of cases that have become known so far, men are also affected here sexual contact It was on other men.

at Canada Health authorities are investigating, according to local media About a dozen suspected cases. The results are expected in the coming days, CBC Canada reported on Wednesday evening (local time), citing the local health ministry, that the authorities had been informed of a confirmed case in the province of Quebec.

At first there was no official confirmation.

Symptoms of monkeypox in humans: RKI explained

who – which Robert Koch Institute explains that symptoms in monkeypox Similar to human pox Probably. The human smallpox It has been considered to have been eradicated worldwide since 1980 after a major vaccination campaign. The vaccination also protects well against infection with monkeypox. However, as the RKI explains, large parts of the world’s population now have No vaccination protection more. In the case of monkeypox, experts distinguish between two stages:

Pre-eruption (before breakout)

  • Sudden onset of fever (38.5 to 40.5°C on the second day) with severe headache, backache, sore throat, cough, feeling unwell and prostrate (extreme physical exertion), and sometimes diarrhea
  • Lymph node swelling often occurs before the rash (rash) appears.

volcanic phase

  • The disease usually begins on the first day with the appearance of a typical rash (rash in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe mucous membranes) and rash (inflammatory rash) on the face, hands and forearms; Gravity spreads over the body with the subsequent development of redness and the regular flowering phases typical of smallpox (spot, vesicles, blisters and crusts) within a few days in about 80 percent of patients. In 20 percent a polymorphous rash resembles varicella. Lesions heal after drying and crusting with scarring.
  • People who have been vaccinated against smallpox develop fewer lesions than those who have not been vaccinated. The course of fever is usually biphasic with the first peak in the first 3 to 4 days of illness, dropping below 38°C and rising again mostly around day 5/6. Today when you move to the pustular stage. In unvaccinated people, ulcers often appear on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity with pharyngitis, tonsillitis, conjunctivitis with eyelid edema, as well as very painful lesions in the genital area. Rarely, blindness and disfiguring scars occur as permanent damage. Severe and fatal hemorrhagic forms are rare.
  • Mild forms are observed with less than 10 smallpox lesions.

A course of monkeypox infection and its treatment in children and adults

The Incubation period for monkeypox Ranges between 7 and 21 days, announces RKI. At first it is usually one rash on face starts up Other parts of the body margins.

In contrast to the eradication of human smallpox According to experts, monkeypox usually takes its course Significantly milder Most people recover within a few weeks. However, severe cycle can also occur in some sufferers. in children under 16 yearsinfected with the Central African virus, one notes The death rate is about 11 percent, on the RKI website. However, in Western countries, the risk of contracting smallpox is low, experts agree in various media reports.

Treatment is primarily symptomatic and supportive, “prevention of bacterial infection” is important. According to the RKI, a drug developed to treat orthopoxvirus infection was recently approved in the European Union for the treatment of monkeypox (tecovirimat).

WHO calls for action: isolate patients and trace contacts

distance Monkeypox cases Accumulating in different countries, the World Health Organization has now called for action: one Strict contact tracing Who are affected is an important first step in containing the spread – the organization announced on Wednesday (May 18).

If the suspicion of monkeypox is established during a change of skin, then patients should also constantly isolated will. Health workers should know Usual precautions in case of injurywhich can be spread by contact or droplets. The World Health Organization confirms that in corona pandemic Which many people take for granted Hand hygiene against the risk of infection help. The World Health Organization considers restrictions on travel or trade with Great Britain unnecessary “according to the information currently available”.

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