Rising prices: Debt advice in Schuylem raises the alarm

More and more people suffer from higher prices. The situation has developed so dramatically that the Diakoni debt advisory service has sounded the alarm

Both the increasing cost of living and the increase in energy costs are putting more people in increasing financial distress. In addition, the increase in the prime rate and the consequences for low-income or uncertain citizens, but especially for people who are already in debt, will (for) life more difficult. Debtors’ counseling centers at Diakonie Mark Rohr in Hagen, Witten, Hattingen and Schwelm point to this development.

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“We are facing developments that affect all areas of life, and therefore people with low incomes and small assets in particular,” says Petit Benhalima of Diakonie’s debt advisory service Mark Rohr in Hagen. “The increase in all lending rates to indebted and indebted people, the upcoming increase in rents with a simultaneous shortage of living space due to investment freeze by housing cooperatives, lack of financial access to home ownership and of course the explosion of gasoline and energy prices are examples of why we are facing a growing demand for advice Calculation and assistance provided.

Hardly any money for food

Against this background, Beit Benhalima can also provide a concrete example: an employee of a large packaging company, who has been working in a shifty county system for more than ten years and therefore often has to start in the morning before leaving public transport, now needs to Plenty to fill the tank of her small car. Money, after deducting rent, insurance and fuel, there is no money left for food. “This leads to the absurd situation that our client should consider giving up her job.” Moving for her and her daughter is out of the question due to lack of living space.

Another client regularly visits her children who live with her ex-husband on the weekends, and she is worried about visiting trips due to high fuel costs, because the income she is earning is simply no longer enough for business trips and visits. “Unfortunately, these are no exceptions, these scenarios depict the future reality of many people’s lives. In addition, food prices will continue to rise, which will make life (alive) more expensive overall and not only cause significant financial hardship for the poorest of the poor” .

Serves as a bait in favor of indebtedness

Another aspect that should not be neglected is the fact that people are now called upon to incur debts in a uniform manner when purchasing consumer goods. “Where the required purchase amount was previously provided, today there are such offers as“ 100 days payment break “,”Order today and pay in three months “,” Buy in installments ”and so on. And this is nothing more than daily orders to enter the debt ”, up By Betty Ben Halima to the point.

In addition to people who have large consumer debts as a result of various demand operations, mobile phone contracts, etc., low-income earners and retirees who can no longer meet their obligations due to low incomes in connection with the increased cost of living find themselves in an economic and existential situation with difficulties.

The debt issue will pose a greater challenge to society as a whole in the future. Offers like debt counseling by Diakonie are absolutely essential, debts can affect everyone for different reasons. Our work over the past few years has shown us that.”

Longer waiting times than ever

Since the demand is growing and growing significantly compared to the previous year, the waiting time for an appointment is also increasing. Even if the Diakonie team tries to help as quickly as possible and hold initial initial talks, extensive bankruptcy advice, for example, can only take place after several months. Sandra Ulrich adds: “While I was on the phone with a customer, three other people in the currently awkward position left their contact details on the answering machine for a call back.”

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“Given the expected explosion in demand in the general situation, and given these numbers, it seems that advising on debt is a real Sisyphus task. We appeal to politicians not only to expand funding for debt advice, but also to strengthen it: in some municipalities, waiting times are now more Two years ago, because the job quotas that have been approved in the past and currently are not nearly enough to cover needs, but it’s more like the famous drop in the bucket.”

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