An extraordinary combination of space portals and love

Amazon Prime Video is currently the best place to go for fans of special and unusual sci-fi stuff. After the visually stunning second season of Undone and the Outer Western mystery, the Night Sky series has now begun. It takes a lot of patience, but it rewards with an exciting performance from Academy Award winners Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons, which takes us to the other end of the galaxy.

Sci-Fi series on Amazon Prime Video: This is what awaits you in Night Sky

Former teacher Erin (Sissy Spacek) and husband Franklin (JK Simmons) spend a quiet retirement together. Her daily life consists of reading, gardening, doctor visits, and memories. Erin has been physically disabled since the fall a year ago, but her husband lovingly takes care of her. Although York Not an ordinary retired couple.

Night Sky – S01 movie, Arabic subtitles, HD


There is this one thing that sets them apart from every other old man on the planet. They have been keeping a secret for many years. There is one under the little shed in her garden mysterious portalwhich becomes a small space station on A Alien and distant planets Lead. They never told a living soul about it. Over the years, York has made more than 800 visits to the starry sky, several light years away.

It could end soon. Because Franklin is tired of traveling. But Irene doesn’t want to give up her private retreat. But then her life suddenly changes when she Confused and bloodied young man His name is Jude (Chai Hansen) on the space station. And after all these years, the people of York must realize that they Part of something much bigger And behind their gate there is more to the garden than they could possibly imagine.

Night Sky: Is this sci-fi drama worth it on Amazon Prime?

Anyone watching the series in search of the central sci-fi mystery surrounding the sinister portal to a distant world can be disappointed. Because Night Sky Minimizes science fiction elements This is used as a catalyst for a very touching and humane story.

night sky

Initially, the series takes a contemplative look at love and life in old age, while Franklin and Irene Suppressed shock and unfulfilled longing you have to deal with.

Stars Sissy Spacek (Carrie, Nashville Lady) and JK Simmons (Whiplash, Spider-Man trilogy) play their characters in a very likable and original way. Over 50 years of marriage and life experiences can be felt in every single scene with them. And this Intimate focus on characters It makes Night Sky so special.

Whether it’s Erin’s maternal care for Judd, Franklin’s lovable anger toward strangers and finally his budding friendship with his highly inquisitive neighbor Byron (Adam Bartley): the characters and Her quirks, her love and her heartache by Night Sky.

Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons

Only from Episode 2 does the actual story begin to speed up and get bigger. From now on, we follow not only York and their new guest, but also one The mother and daughter team from Argentina, which offers a completely different experience with mysterious portals. This story is about mysterious organization However, it hardly unleashes the same oomph as Erin and Franklin’s antics, and at times it feels like a second series is running parallel here.

Am I happy with my life, what is the meaning to me in general? Can I muster the courage to change something and myself? These are the real questions Night Sky asks over the course of 8 episodes. The strange elevators quickly became a secondary issue.

The eight-episode sci-fi series Night Sky has been broadcast on Amazon Prime Video since May 20, 2022. The first six episodes served as the basis for screening this series.

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