A poisonous invasive spider from Australia bites the male on a specific part of the body

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The invasive red spider seeks to get close to humans – and its females will bite hard if someone touches its web.

She’s the perfect killer. And small snakes don’t stand a chance. If a specimen gets caught in its artfully placed web, a severe bite occurs. In the case of complete paralysis, the victim reptile must witness how it is gnawed and eaten by the red spider. But the strong neurotoxin from Latrodectus hasselti It represents an incredible danger because: because of it, up to 400 people per year must receive an antidote in their native Australia. This is more than the most poisonous spider in the world!

The danger of the highly toxic red spider to humans is that the animal seeks to get close to them. They netted in dark sheds, boots parked in front of the door, and as kind of true widows as this murderous relative of the United States, under the covers of the outside toilets. They prey on insects that are attracted to the odors of human feces. For an Australian, sitting on a Dixie toilet even led to a double death, how stern mentioned.

Kindly Red spider (Latrodectus hasselti)
incident Australia, Introduction to New Zealand, Japan, Belgium and Denmark
body length 1 centimeter (female)
food Insects, small snakes and lizards
The effect of the bite on humans excruciating pain, death is possible

A poisonous invasive spider from Australia bites the male on a specific part of the body

In just five months, Jordan, 21, was bitten on his penis by a red-back spider. After the first incident, he spoke of “extreme pain” and received an antidote. The Aussie never wanted to be rowdy again then BBC Sit in an outside toilet. But after a “thorough check of the place that was freshly cleaned before” it had no problem. He even felt “the same sting” again in the sensitive area… Fortunately for him, he already knew that – because encounters with other members of the orb spider family could quickly end in the afterlife. or lead to amputation.

Anti-red spider bites have been around since the 1950s. However, only significantly larger females pose a danger to humans. Unlike the world’s deadliest spider, these spiders are not considered aggressive, but when defending their territory in human habitations, confrontations are inevitable – including a bite. This results in bad symptoms that the Australian Museum describes as:

  • Pain can become severe
  • Excessive sweating in and around the sting site
  • Muscle weakness, nausea and vomiting

Red Invasive Spider: The bite of a female can be fatal to humans

Young, weak and old people have big problems when they are bitten by a red spider. Because they even face death. Death that comes slowly. Especially when it affects a specific part of the human body. employment biologie-seite.de “There is a danger to life if the respiratory center becomes paralyzed,” she says. the problem: Latrodectus hasselti Unlike another poisonous spider in Australia, it is considered an invader – and it has already expanded its territory thanks to humans.

In Japan, the red spider was already introduced thanks to world trade. It has established itself as a new territory. It was discovered in Belgium and Denmark, but has not (yet) been able to reproduce. But if globalization continues to go hand in hand with a warming climate, the highly toxic animal will also reach Germany. After a sudden discovery of females in Lower Austria, expert George Gashan said out loud today: “I have never seen a red spider that has appeared native to Australia, although I have seen many.”

Redback spider cannibal

In the case of the red spider, incidents of cannibalism after mating are enormous. Because: 65 percent of males are infected during mating, and 12.5 percent die after the first copulation, according to the researchers. Nature’s Skill: Males who survive the first mating and mate a second time with the female can deposit sperm in both seminal sacs and thus reproduce more successfully.

Invasive red back spider: a Stuttgart researcher discovers a biological weapon against proliferation

But there is hope for containing the invasive red spider. Thanks to a semi-forgotten insect and a researcher from Baden-Württemberg. Dr. Lars Krugman of the Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart was instrumental in ensuring that the Captain Cook wasp is now used as a natural predator of the venomous spider in endemic areas. As a German bioweapon. The Museum of Natural History states that: “The wasp stings and paralyzes the red spider and drags it to its nest, where the wasp lays an egg on the spider. The spider survives but is paralyzed. After the larva hatches from the egg, the red paralyzed spider eats.”

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