Fighting ants: in the home, garden and garden

Nobody wants ants in the apartment, and sometimes ants are unwanted in the garden. In this article, those affected can learn how to get rid of ants by natural means.

  • Noisy ant trails can be interrupted with home remedies – then the ants will look elsewhere for food.
  • If necessary, you can also resettle ants.
  • Those who take certain precautions protect themselves from ants in the home.

Although ants are generally very useful animals, they often become a nuisance in your garden or apartment. There are many chemical agents on the market for ant control. However, these are absolutely not necessary, because you can effectively get rid of uninvited guests by natural means and a few simple tips. And most importantly: you allow them to live and behave in an environmentally friendly way.

Fighting ants in the house: what to do against ants in the house?

Ants in the house are a terror to many people. But why do ants come to the house and what can be done about it?

remove food source

If you find many ants in your house or apartment, it may be because they found food there. If you notice where the ants are, you will quickly find the source. let special Dessert plates are not open And get rid of you Waste left over when ants roost there.

Moreover feed dishes of pets and fruit dishes It can attract ants. Therefore, it must be emptied regularly. If you have a big problem with ants, you should not only leave used dishes in the apartment, but rather Wash the dishes after every meal or put them in the dishwasher. As crumbs fell to the ground leftovers should then Removal will.

close access

If the ants do not pass through the open balcony door, but this is still closed and other animals have entered the house, you should look for other entrances. Both windows and doors should be checked for leaks after some time. Joints and masonry openings that can serve as access for ants should be closed.

Fight ants with baking soda

Baking soda is a classic ant control method. However, this is a very brutal method, because animals die in agony. After eating baking soda, their stomachs swell so badly that they burst. Therefore, it is better to avoid baking powder and prefer to use gentle methods.

Fight ants with duct tape

To get rid of ants, you can simply cover the ant path into the house with masking tape. As a result, young animals lose the trace of the scent that marked the way for other ants and can no longer find their way to the food source. Then the ants look for a new path that, at best, no longer leads directly to the house.

Fight ants with chalk

Chalk pens work similarly to tape. Here too, the ant’s path is interrupted by a bold chalk line. Most ants avoid alkaline chalk and find another route. However, the method is not completely reliable, but easy to implement.

Fight ants with smells

Vinegar is a popular home remedy, and it has also been shown to be effective in repelling ants. Animals do not like the smell of vinegar or vinegar at all and run away quickly. Alternatively, you can also use lemon or essential oils such as lavender oil. Moreover garlic or cinnamon I can help. Cinnamon powder can be sprinkled to keep ants away or to encourage them to come out. Garlic can be cut into small pieces and soaked in hot water. Fill garlic broth into a spray bottle and spray it anywhere you don’t want ants to walk.

Fighting ants in the garden

Sometimes ants also look for an unfavorable spot in the garden. Here, too, are effective ways to drive ants away again.

Fighting ants in flower pots

The ants in flowerpots that have built a nest can best be seen through it Regular flooding with watering to evacuate.

Fighting ants in the garden

Just like at home or apartment too Perfume sources It has been proven to be an effective antidote against garden ants. Who made the odor barrier Lavender, thyme, cloves or essential oils It accumulates, causing the ants to flee. It is only effective Vinegar and lemon peelswhich you simply set up in front of the entrance to the house or in the garden.

Garden ant control measures:

Reducing food sources
– Clean surfaces regularly
Plaster paving surfaces

Generally: Ants must It can only be fought in the garden if it causes a major disturbance by stealing food or biting. Ants are not plant pests and therefore cannot harm your beloved plants or bed.

Fighting ants in the garden

An anthill can also be annoying in a lawn. Fortunately, there are several ways to do something about ants.


To get rid of ants in the garden effectively, you can simply move them. To do this, fill a flower pot with sawdust and place it upside down directly on the anthill. Soon the ants bring their cocoons to the new dwelling and leave their old burrow. This transfer may take a few days. Once all the ants are resettled, find a new home for them (as far as possible from your own garden). This one must Thirty yards at least Until the ants settle there and do not return.


Ants often persistently try to access certain food sources. Therefore, if you want to eat in the garden, you should create a hedge. If you want to eat a cake at the table, you can put the table feet in larger bowls of water, for example. Ants do not like water and will not cross it to get food. If you are sitting on a picnic blanket, you can simply sprinkle a ring of chalk around the blanket. Alternatively, coffee works too. The young animals will then look for another source of food.

Ant fight: balcony

Backyard ants are often attracted to the sugar aphids and aphids. Therefore, aphids must be removed so that you can get rid of the ants quickly.

Tip: If the ant army has the upper hand, it is best to get professional help. This is especially important when it comes to carpenter or pharaonic ants. Otherwise, the damage caused by ants can become significant.

Ants as a useful aid

Ants are considered the “health police” of nature. Small animals keep the forest healthy by distributing plant seeds, recycling waste, and aerating the soil. Aerating the soil allows plants to grow better. In addition, each ant in the ant colony has a specific task.

Ants make an important contribution to the ecosystem, they protect the trees and ensure that the forest remains healthy. They also ensure that tree trunks and stumps rot faster and become valuable soil. With all these important tasks, wood ants have been under nature’s protection for over 200 years. Almost all species are now included in the endangered species list, as stocks have decreased more and more in recent decades. This makes it even more important to understand the importance of ants. So you may no longer have the idea of ​​killing ants, but kill them gently.

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