Metakicks: Sneakmart: French Startup Launches Sneaker NFTs – Realistic Design Shoes Part of Promotion | newsletter

• Sneakmart sells 6,250 closed boxes of premium NFT shoes and designer sneakers

• Physical shoes total about $200,000

• There is an OpenSea auction before the sale of Metakicks funds

“Metakicks” is the name of the new NFT sneaker collection from Sneakmart. The French startup was founded in 2016 and has been offering sneaker enthusiasts a platform through the Sneakmart app since 2021, where they can share information about specific sneaker models and also resell them. Now Sneakmart is taking a step into the Metaverse – in a big way.

Metakicks Boxes: Whether the NFT or the physical boot is unknown before purchase

As of a yet-to-be-disclosed June deadline, Sneakmart is selling a total of 6,250 boxes of Metakicks sold sealed — so buyers don’t know exactly what’s in their box. The company explains on its website that you either get one of 15 sneaker NFTs randomly stashed in boxes. These NFTs are categorized into four different levels: one NFT is ‘Legendary’, four NFTs are ‘Epic’ and five NFTs are ‘Rare’ or ‘Extremely Rare’. The most valuable is the legendary NFT. Or you get one of the hidden pairs of sneakers too at random. Among other things, the following models are hidden:


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Jordan 1 high
Nike Dunk Low
Jordan 4
Adidas Yeezy 350

There will also be two Jordan 1 Dior models and a Jordanian one made in collaboration with Travis Scott. These two models are worth several thousand euros, and the physical shoes are said to be worth a total of $200,000 USD. According to a Cointelegraph report, Sneakmart has hired StockX, the world’s leading streetwear marketplace with over 30 million cumulative monthly active users, as its official physical footwear partner.

Metakicks NFTs will be dropped on the Ethereum blockchain

According to the company’s website, anyone who wins a pair of shoes can choose a size. The shoes are shipped internationally, and this is how Sneakmart wants to draw attention to itself outside of the current community of around 150,000 people. Proceeds from sales of Metakicks Funds will subsequently be used to internationalize the app, develop new features, establish long-term benefits for Metakicks owners and create new limited collections.

The funds are dropped on the Ethereum blockchain and available on the Sneakmart website. Thanks to the cooperation with MoonPay, you can pay either with cryptocurrency or with a credit card, although, of course, you are not obligated to open the box directly or at all after the purchase. It is also possible to immediately resell it or keep it until you eventually want to open or sell it.

Metakicks upgrade release date is still a secret

Shortly before the Metakicks funds hit the market, a number of other NFT shoes are set to be auctioned off at OpenSea. These shoes were designed by many celebrities such as football professionals or design offices: it is said that there are shoes from Savoir Faire Paris – on the website of this Parisian design bureau, the shoes are sold in the four-figure range. However, when and shortly after this auction took place, it is not yet known that the Metakick funds will be launched (as of May 23rd). Sneakmart announced that it will be publishing the deadline soon on its various social media channels.

By the way: On the Sneakmart Discord server, there is a possibility to put you in the queue of Metakick boxes. You should be able to purchase a maximum of three funds per wallet. editorial office

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