Thugs in prison? Oliver Bucher debunks fake video: ‘I asked Boris Becker’


Thugs in prison? Oliver Bucher debunks fake video: ‘I asked Boris Becker’

Written by Nicole Reich

cologne – Fat Comedy (born Giuseppe S, 22) sits after him A slap in the face to Oliver Bucher (44) Maybe in prison? A video purporting to show the comedian after his arrest is currently causing a stir online, but now Pocher is revealing why he’s such a rude fake!

Fat Comedy (22) shares a video from prison on Instagram. (Photomontage) © Montage: Instagram / Screenshot / fat.comedy

“I’ll be back in 6 months, see you soon,” Fat Comedy, who has around 333,000 followers on Instagram, wrote in a Monday story. Shortly thereafter, a reel was shown online showing that the 22-year-old was in a prison cell.

Lying on a rickety bed, he gets up and moves the camera around the room: gray walls, a solid security door, bars on the small window, and a free-standing toilet can be seen.

The alleged prisoner explained in his story that “pre-trial detention does not make sense, but the lawyer will make it clear.” As of Tuesday morning, the prison video had been recorded more than 23,000 times. The hashtag “#freeOmar” can be found under it.

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One user responded in horror to the clip: “I know violence is bullshit and you don’t, but the fact that he’s being held captive is ridiculous.”

However, upon closer examination, it quickly becomes clear what is behind the alleged prison recordings.

The comedian is said to be imprisoned in this cell.  (photo montage)

The comedian is said to be imprisoned in this cell. (Photomontage) © Montage: Instagram / Screenshot / fat.comedy

Fat comedy explains alleged prison time.  (photo montage)

Fat comedy explains alleged prison time. (Photomontage) © Montage: Instagram / Screenshot / fat.comedy

Oliver Bucher reacts with disdain: ‘That’s the kind of humor I like’

Oliver Bucher (44) explains what's behind the slapper's prison video.  (photo montage)

Oliver Bucher (44) explains what’s behind the slapper’s prison video. (Photomontage) © Montage: Instagram / screenshot / Oliver Bucher

As can be seen clearly in the video, photos of Oliver Bucher and his wife Amira, 29, hang on the walls of the cell – including a photo of Oliver shortly after the slap in the face that Comedy Fat left him during a boxing event in Dortmund from the ring missed shows.

The fact that the 22-year-old was apparently able to smuggle a smartphone into his cell is immediately suspicious. He allegedly only has his mobile phone “because unfortunately the officials were incompetent,” claims the fat comedian.

But at least with the reaction of Oliver Bucher, who has now commented on the video in question, it is clear: This is a shameless lie!

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“According to the information of the lawyer and the police, no one is in prison,” the comedian and TV presenter explained in an Instagram story. Pocher is sure Fat Comedy made a prison reel to get attention.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha, so funny, we laughed a lot, that’s the kind of humor I like,” the 44-year-old said with a sneer: “Everyone knows that fun often turns into seriousness. That’s why we’re looking forward to a trial at some point. And if it becomes real: don’t cry if it really happens.”

Oliver Bucher slap statement in Instagram video

Lawyer comments on alleged Fat Comedy prison time

Pocher added one more thing: “You can tell that this video is fake by the fact that the colleague says there is pasta with tuna today. Boris Becker asked him: There is rarely tuna pasta there.”

As it is known, the tennis icon has been behind bars for a few weeks due to a delayed bankruptcy – but not so Fat Comedy. As RTL found out, the prison where the 22-year-old was mentioned is said to be a former Herne prison, which can also be rented as a party location.

In response to media inquiries, Fat Comedy’s lawyer has also confirmed that his client is currently at large. Perhaps the acting on Instagram can be explained by his work as a comedian.

investigations after complaintThe one Bucher put against his racket is still running. It remains to be seen what the consequences of the disgusting act of slapping will be in the end.

Cover photo: montage: Instagram / screenshot / fat.comedy and Instagram / screenshot / Oliver Bucher

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