Traveling with dogs and cats: What entry regulations apply to the place?

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Depending on the country you are traveling to, apply Other entry requirements. To ensure that your trip with your pet is as stress-free as possible and that you can enjoy time together on vacation, the prior trip is important. Planning is important.

Traveling with pets: important information

Traveling with a pet requires good preparation. After all, you want to make sure your dog or cat is always comfortable and well-functioning. If your pet is very attached to its environment and only feels safe in the routine, the pet may feel more comfortable in one environment temporarily A suitable pension or a pension you trust to become. If your pet is the inquisitive type and can be incorporated into the daily routine on vacation, nothing stands in the way of the trip. Preparation includes assembling a First aid bagsIt contains basics like antiseptic, dressings, tick tweezers, thermometer and gloves. Make sure you know in advance as you can find one in your holiday destination veterinary practice Can select and schedule a vet visit for verification All necessary vaccinations and checkups to lead. motion sickness It can occur not only in humans but also in animals: ask your veterinarian about the appropriate medication that you can take with you as a precaution. on your packing list It should also have enough water and food, the necessary towels, a towel and brush, and toys. For cats, you should consider a litter box and cat litter, and for a dog a leash, walking bags, and possibly a muzzle and tweezers for ticks.

Have you decided to road tripIt is your responsibility to transport your pet safely. If you do not adequately secure your loved one, this can pose a risk to yourself and injury. There are a number of ways to ensure proper protection Dog and cat transportation systems, which you can often buy cheaply and in good quality. A long journey in the box should be preceded by proper crate training so that the animal feels as comfortable as possible in the crate. Your dog or cat should do this for the entire trip water Be available. Leak proof containers are particularly suitable for this purpose. regular breaks And fresh air is not only important for you, but also for your pet. You should plan a break after two to three hours of driving at the latest. With the appropriate harness or leash, you can take your dog into the comfort zone.

do you travel with an airportYou should check with the airline before booking to see if pets are allowed. Regulations vary from airline to airline; Sometimes special boxes are needed. In addition, the costs of taking the animal with you vary depending on the airline. Due to space limitations, it is usually necessary to register the animal in a timely manner. at train journey Usually young animals travel for free; But here, too, you should consider a suitable transfer case. In principle, it is also important to register in Accommodation, in which you will spend time in the holiday country, to inquire whether pets are allowed. Many accommodations have special regulations and daily rates for animals.

Entry regulations: you must know these

If you are traveling with a dog or cat, you should Inform in advance of the rules applicable in the holiday country. This way you can make sure that you have all your important documents with you, that you follow all the rules and that you are no longer stressed on vacation. Since different regulations apply from country to country, you should always find out more specifically for your holiday country. Important rules, which are especially important for dog owners, are those regarding prohibited dog breeds, leash and muzzle systems as well as tapeworm treatment, which is sometimes required.

If you stay within the European Union during your trip, You need a European passport for pets. You should always carry your passport with you. It is also a basic requirement that it be issued according to the standardized pattern and that the animal, by tattoo or microchip, It is clearly defined Could you. Animals first tagged after July 3, 2011. Since a new regulation was introduced in 2014, only a vet can issue a pet passport. rabies vaccine executed. The initial rabies vaccination should be given 21 days before departure. If you are not sure whether your pet needs a booster vaccine, you should contact your vet in time. watch out for one Travel with your dog to Finland, Ireland or Malta: Tapeworm treatment is also required when traveling to these countries.

For non-EU European countries, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, San Marino, Vatican City, Monaco and Gibraltar, the same rules as for flights within the EU apply: the EU pet passport including rabies vaccination is sufficient. Are you from a country outside the European Union? Back to Germany Or to the EU, you sometimes need a rabies antibody test. Countries that require this on the return trip include Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Thailand and South Africa. If you come from countries like Great Britain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Russian Federation, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, North Macedonia, Hong Kong or Singapore, this is Proof is not required. There are usually no uniform rules for non-EU countries: each country has its own entry requirements, about which you must inform yourself individually. You can find detailed information, for example, at the embassy of the country.


With the right planning and preparation, you can have an enjoyable vacation with your pet and you won’t have to be separated from your pet. It is important that you make appointments such as the issuance of an EU pet passport or treatment against tapeworms Planning earlySo don’t get nervous. Before your trip, you should think about it again any changes From regulations specifically in your holiday country. Always keep people in mind your animal needs: If you find traveling too stressful for your pet, alternative housing may be an option.

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