Finally a hamburger derby again! Also, Pferd International, CSIO Rome and more –

The most prominent sporting events in the leagues within Germany are waiting for you in the north and south of Germany. In addition, CSIO Rome is the next leg of the Nations Cup series, and Ingrid Klimke in Barborowko (Poland), among others, will be the first in the four-star long event.

The International Show Jumping and Dressage Championships and the German Show Jumping and Dressage Derby from May 25-29 in Hamburg

Finally a really derby again! After a fiasco in 2020 and a watered down version in 2021 (in both cases due to the Corona pandemic), the Hamburg derby is now starting again as usual with plenty of testing and pitches. Visitor tickets were even sold out for days!

They are all there, the big national and international names in showjumping. In dressage, it would be exciting, especially on a national level. The traditional pony derby is on the agenda, the seniors competing in the U-25 and four-star tour. Last but not least, the St.GEORG editorial team will move from the office to the derby for a short while and report to you from there. ClipMyHorse.TV broadcasts all competitions except for the World Champions Tour. NDR and ZDF will also broadcast the derby live on several days.

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The International Show Jumping and Dressage Championship “Pfred International” with the German Dressage Championships from 26 to 29 May in Munich Rim

Reserve Olympic pairs Annabelle and Helen Langhanenberg will be in attendance, but Isabelle Wirth with Qantas, Benjamin Werndel of the Daily Mirror, Fabian Müller-Lotkmer with Fabianha, Valencia AS finalists for Lewisdor, and other notable pairs will also be on the dressage arena at the Munich Rim. The jump is announced up to two stars, and there are also some familiar faces that will hopefully be waiting for many spectators live on site and in front of the screens (ClipMyHorse.TV will air from May 26). They include former German champion Felix Haasmann, German reigning champion Sophie Heiners, 2018 world champion, Simon Blume, Dagobertshausen duo Richard Vogel and David Weil and many more. Last but not least, the dressage riders will be taking place in the German Championships at Pferd International.

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National Driving Championship with the World Individual Championships watched from May 26 to May 29 in Griffin
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Official International Showjumping (CSIO5 *) from May 25-29 in Rome / Italy

After Abu Dhabi, national coach Otto Becker once again faces the five-star Nations Cup. However, CSIO in Rome is not part of the FEI Nations Cup Series, but is sponsored by the watch manufacturer. There are some new faces in Baker’s team for Roma. David Weil won the traditional and prestigious Grand Prix last year in a C four. The latter is now under Irishman Sian O’Connor.

Catherine Eckermann (Sassenburg); Christian Kocock (Horstel); Jörn Spree (Fuerth); Jana Wargers (Emsdeten); Maximilian Weishaupt (Gettingen-Sbach).
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International Show Jumping (CSI4*) May 25-28 at Opglabbeek / BEL
Kendra Clarisia Brincop (Neumunster); Jens Hilbert (Darmstadt); Nice Lüneburg (Heitlingen); Zoe Osterhoff (Ham).
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International Show Jumping (CSI3*) from May 26 to 29 in Eindhoven / NED
Christoph Koenmann (Germany).
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International Championship Events (CCI4*-L/CCI4*-S/CCI3*-S/CCI2*-S/CCI1*-Intro/CCIYH2*-S) May 26-29 in Baborowko/POL

Now retired by Bobby due to injury, Ingrid Klimk saddled the Siena mare in a four-star long event in Poland at the weekend. In Barborowko’s most important test, there are only 19 pairs of riders on the starting list. Olympic champions Michael Young, Julia Kragowski and Christoph Wahler will also start in Barboroko.

CCI4*-L: Arne Bergendahl (muttons); Ingrid Klimke (Monster); Ben Lauer (Watchburg).
CCI4*-S: Nicolai Aldinger (Egestorf); Arne Bergendahl (Mutons); Vanessa Bolting (Monster); Emma Brousseau (Schrezheim); Caro Hofrichter (Duisburg); Michael Jong (Horp); Hanna Knobyl (Syphtha); Andreas Ostholt (Warrendorf); Jerome Rubin (Warrendorf); Antje Schweniger (Lengenfeld); Christoph Wheeler (Bad Bevinson).
CCI3*-S: Antonia Baumgart (Düsseldorf); Arne Bergendahl (Mutons); Andreas Debusky (Doll); Caro Hofrichter (Duisburg); Beck Jankowski (Schmalense); Pauline Knorr (Warrendorf); Jana Koch (Salzhausen); Julia Kragowski (Warrendorf); Marco Krueger (Monster); Emma Kommel (Gremaine); Ben Lauer (Watchburg); Noculita Massmann (Bad Homburg); Jean Mathias (Lindewitt); Sabrina Mertens (Heidmollen); Pia Munker (Wachtburg); Jerome Rubin (Warrendorf); Anna Lina Schaaf (Fuerde); Brandon Schaeffer-Gehrau (Warrendorf); Dirk Shred (Heidmollen); Moritz Spongel (Salzhausen); Leo von Schmeling (Hamburg); Joanna Zantop (Monster).
CCI2*-S: Nicolai Aldinger (Egestorf); Antonia Baumgart (Düsseldorf); Vanessa Bolting (Monster); Emma Brousseau (Schrezheim); Maxima Hohenhorst (Ahlen); Beck Jankowski (Schmalense); Michael Jong (Horp); Francesca Kinky (Neustadt); Hanna Knobyl (Syphtha); Tapia Knobel (Egestorf); Julia Kragowski (Warrendorf); Lenny Lenard (Warrendorf); Ben Lauer (Watchburg); Sven Lux (Horb am Neckar); Jean Mathias (Lindewitt); Tom Mayer (Salzhausen); Anna Luisa Millais (Sezen); Andreas Ostholt (Warrendorf); Daniel Raab (Eberdingen); Bernard Remetsma (Gross Walmstorf); Jerome Rubin (Warrendorf); Neil Spiering (Elmenhurst); Moritz Spongel (Salzhausen); Kaya Thompson (Lindewitt); Neil Sophie Whitkol (Schemalense); Major Jonah Sebel (Kaltenkirchen).
CCI1 * – Introduction: Antonia Baumgart (Düsseldorf); Vanessa Bolting (Monster); Leonard Brussau (Schreisheim); Jule Christin Gürgens (Bansin seaside resort); Maxima Hohenhorst (Ahlen); Beck Jankowski (Schmalense); Lisa Junk (Schwedenk); Carlo Klippel (Winsen); Pauline Knorr (Warrendorf); Tapia Knobel (Egestorf); Lenny Lenard (Warrendorf); Nadine Marzal (Monster); Jan Mathias (Lindewitt), Nike Mayer (Salzhausen); Corina Raab (Eberdingen); Jana Shobal (Mannheim); Neil Spiering (Elmenhurst); Stella Maria Stoer (Kleinmachenau); Kaya Thompson (Lindewitt); Christoph Wheeler (Bad Bevinson).
CCIYH2*-S: Vanessa Bolting (Monster); Emma Brousseau (Schrezheim); Andreas Debusky (Doll); Sabine Friedrich (Henchen); Nadine Marzal (Monster); Jana Shobal (Mannheim); Major Jonah Sebel (Kaltenkirchen).
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Interesting too

Rome: Wow by David Weil

International Championship Events (CCI2*-L) May 25-29 at Houghton Hall / GBR
Elisa Abeck (cologne); Joanna Marlowe (Cevital).
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International Events Championship (CCI2*-S) May 27-29 in Morgengo, Caltignaga / ITA
Stephanie Lammer (Kofburin).
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International Driving Championship (CAI3*-H4 WCupQ / CAI3*-H1) May 26-29 at Pisecne nad Dyji / CZE
CAI3*-H4: Mareike Harm (Negro canoe).
CAI3*-H1: Martin Stutzer (Erfurt).
More information on the email: [email protected]

International Championship Jumping (CVI3 * / 3 * Pas de Deux / 3 * sets / 2 * / Y2 * / J2 * / 2 * Pas de Deux / 2 * sets / J2 * sets / 1 * / J1 * / Ch1 * / J1 * Pas de Deux / 1 * groups) from May 26 to 29 in Lier / BEL
CVI3*: Women: Barbara Koehler (Zweibrücken); Julia Osenberg – Engels (Altina); Pauline Riedel (Aachen); Kiara Blight (Monster); Stephanie Hegel (Neckarsulm); Katherine Mayer (Hamburg); Men: Thorpen Hobby (Wolfsen); Victor Proswitz (Wolfsen);
CVI3 * Pas de Deux: Jolina Ossenber-Engels (Altena) / Timo Gerdes (Iserlohn).
CVI3* groups: VV Köln-Dünnwald II; Handorf Südmühl I; Salzmuende Team 1.
CVI2*: Jana Schumacher (Okven).
CVIY2*: Women: Philine Lindhorst (Hamburg); Vanessa Litzwitz (Bornsen); Men: Philip Gurunsi (Drensteinfort); Jonathan Gibb (Zweibrücken).
CVIJ2*: women: Alina Rebitsky (Zweibruken); Romy Schlange (Hamburg); Joanna Tim (Wyntorf); Mia Kluge (Wenturf); Michel Hauser (orologue); Emily Hendel (Freudenburg); Alyssa Koopman (Altina); Paula Waskowiak (Kirchlingern); Lena Froboys (Minden); Julia Tegemann (Drensteinfurt).
CVI2 * Pas de Deux: Adele Schröder (Gladbeck) / Sophie Wegener (Herne).
CVI2* sets: Tus Fortuna 1884 Saarburg e.Vaulter S-Team; T1 VV Vomerdingsen.
CVIJ2*: junior team VV Köln Dünnwald II; Junior Team Brakel I; HWR Junior I; Equus first team
CVI1*: Women: Charlotte Rich (Bad Lucic); Pia Nath (Magdeburg); Men: Cjell Aaron Richert (Boostedt).
CVIJ1*: Women: Mia Bugge (Hamburg); Justin Lindhorst (Hamburg); Myra Thiel (Mannheim); Venga Ayers (Bad Driburg); Seravia Neuhaus (Magdeburg); Alina Kadriu (Pedrits); Lena Federman (Magdeburg); Tibest’s joke (Cliff); Neil Angbek (Stimoedi); Men: Lukas Hetmann (Hamburg).
CVICH1*: women: Pia Keindorff (Barleben); Giulietta Maria Pauls (Zweibrücken); Emilia Kramer (Heiligenwald); Carlotta Brandt (Bendorf).
CVIJ1*: Karina Bisker (Neukirchen-Fluen) / Lea Dorasen (Neukirchen-Fluen).
CVI1 groups*: VRG Südwestpfalz.
More information on the email: [email protected]

International Championship Jumping (CVI3 * / 3 * Pas de Deux / 3 * groups / 2 * / Y2 * / J2 * / J2 * Pas de Deux / J2 * Groups / 1 * / J1 * / Ch1 * / J1 * Pas de Deux / 1 * groups) May 26-29 in Bern / Switzerland
CVI3*: Women: Sophie Hoffmann (Koblenz); Hanna Stiverding (Herxheim); Jasmine Galan (Grossbondenbach); Selina Schmidt (St. Ingbert).
CVI3 * Pas de Deux: Annika Dietrich (Mainz) / Ina Rick (Mainz).
CVI3* sets: VFZ Mainz-Ebersheim; Pegasus Mollacker.
CVI2*: Women: Fiona Peters (Frankfurt).
CVIY2*: Women: Alice Leyer (Brackenheim); Helen Laer (Brackenheim); Janica Marie Kirchner (Frankfurt).
CVIJ2*: Women: Leni Allinger (Heilbronn); Luisa Rosic (Ingelheim am Rhein); Simon Stolz (Bodenheim).
CVIJ2 * Pas de Deux: Sina Seider (Momenheim) / Jana Steinmetz (Ingelheim).
CVIJ2 groups*: Mainz-Ebersheim.
More information on the website:

International Remote Championship (CEI3*160) May 26-28 in Castelsagrat / FRA
Sabrina Arnold (Kirchheim).
More information on the email: [email protected]

International Distance Championships (CEI2*120 / CEIYJ2*120) May 27-28 in Weikersdorf / AUT
CEI2*120: Alessia Dollinger (half-sheet).
CEIYJ2*120: Venga rum (Veihingen).
More information on the email: [email protected]

Other tournaments (*/**) abroad with German participation

CSI2 * / 1 * / YH Zuidwolde / NED May 25-28;

CSI2 * / 1 * / YH Chard / GBR May 26-29;

CSI2*/U25/YH Budapest/HUN May 26-29;

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