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If you keep several cats, you should pay attention to a few things that are important for animals to live together:

  • shelves left
  • tall cat trees
  • Additional water and feed stations
  • safe port

Four cats looking for new homes

Kalinka, Helia, Lux And lima They are looking for a new home. Kalinka, Lux and Lima should definitely mediate together. They need a lot of time to gain confidence. Prefer a house in a rural environment.


  • Age: Unknown
  • Gender: female
  • Color: black and white


  • Age: Unknown
  • Gender: female
  • Color: white with gray

Little Mrs. Arina came to our animal shelter with her friend Maria in mid-November last year. In the meantime, they had already found a new home, but unfortunately they didn’t get along very well with what was already there which is why they are now looking for a nice new home with us.

The two cute women are a little shy around people at first, but if you give them the time they need to gain some confidence, they will melt away and become curious and lovable.

Adina and Maria enjoy watching the fanciers do all day long. They prefer it when we prepare a food activity for them, like a shelf full of fresh vegetables, to which they can reach only with a little skill and thought. The gentle duo are looking for a home with plenty of space and where they can discover many exciting things.

Existing specific items should not be a problem after proper reunion. Of course, their new fence should not lack enough places to retreat and hide either. They should have hay and clean water 24 hours a day, but they also need proper bedding and a place to scratch their claws. Adina and Maria can’t wait to find their forever home soon.


  • Age: between 5 and 10 years
  • Breed: EHK
  • female gender
  • Color: tiger with white

The gorgeous Selena has been with us since the beginning of the year and is now looking for loving owners in a beautiful home. Selena is a calm and gentle cat who loves to be alone, but also strives to connect with us humans. Most of the time, you lie comfortably in a fluffy pillow, snuggle up in it and fall asleep.

When we enter the room, she looks at us curiously and is happy to be fondled. But you also notice when you need her rest again. Selena is not particularly interested in or socializing with other cats, so she must be a lonely princess in her new home.

We can imagine Selena in a quieter home, for example with one person or a couple, with whom she can form a strong bond. Hopefully the new owners can give Selena a nice life in her new home and give her enough cuddles and freedom. Selena also likes to be outside in her new home, so she’s looking for a home in a rural area.

(Photo: Telebase)


  • Age: Born on March 26, 2022
  • Gender: female
  • Color: brown-gray

Nina is a little hamster and is now looking for a cute home. Lady hamsters are unfortunately not tame, but they are quite lively and energetic. Nina is happy when her cover is regularly restructured so that she can discover new things and have enough to keep her occupied.

Unfortunately, doll hamsters are not compatible with other hamsters and that is why the little lady is looking for a home without other hamsters, but happily with a large enclosure. This should include plenty of bedding so you can dig tunnels and paths, as well as a few homes and a running board to keep them occupied. Since Nina’s teeth are rootless and constantly growing, she also needs materials in her enclosure, such as branches, on which she can wear her teeth.

Sweet Nina is nocturnal, so you can’t see or hear much of her during the day. We are looking for people who understand that hamsters are nocturnal and not animals to cuddle, yet are animal lovers and care about providing them with a beautiful life fit for the species.

And perhaps after enough time acclimating and trusting the owners, Nina can shake off her shyness a bit and become more tame by hamster standards.

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