In this way, parents in Kiel can facilitate their children’s enrollment in schools

a model.The lion can already count to 100, and Eric easily reads the word “exit” on the bus. Saying the alphabet is easy for my daycare kid. Five-year-old Leon and Eric are ready to go to school after summer vacation. They are already looking forward to starting school, school school and finally pocket money. But not all children look forward to the new phase of life with great anticipation. And many parents are unsure. In order to facilitate the transition from nursery school to primary school, the city of Kiel launched a survey among children and parents to identify fears, fears and needs. Parents can participate in the online survey.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

“It doesn’t matter if things don’t go well, but I still look forward to school,” Leon says with refreshing honesty as a kid. In the summer, the five-year-old changes from Colorito Pedico Daycare Center to Muhlius School. The point of the city is that Lyon doesn’t have to experience that something isn’t going right. “The transition from nursery school to school can be a culture shock,” says Rinat Triotl, Head of Education. “We want the transition to succeed from the start and remove obstacles.”

Enrolling in school in Kiel: learning should be fun from the start

The driver of the city’s concern is clear: “If children don’t enjoy school from the start, learning will be difficult,” Triotl says. So that future first graders—about 1,900 children—can start school in Kiel every summer—like going to school, the city now wants to know what drives the preschool children before they start school—what they look forward to, what scares them, and what they expect. .

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

“We want to involve those at risk more,” Triotl emphasizes. Therefore, children in twelve day care centers are now questioned by their teachers, and the answers are evaluated by the municipal educational institute in Hamburg. A few weeks into school, new first graders are asked about their first experiences at school.

Parents of first graders want better information flow

And the heroes are not only children, but also their parents. “Parents also have many questions and doubts before school starts.” Treutel would like to know from them what they have in mind and what the city, daycare centers and schools can do better.

Anna Selhorn Tim, mother of six-year-old Eric, who will attend primary school in Suchsdorf in the summer, offers insight into the emotional world of parents. “I feel some panic and madness among the parents. There are a lot of uncertainties.” According to Tim Selhorn, parents want better information flow. “What is the concept of learning? What class will my child be in? What are the teachers’ names?” Children often do not know until summer if they are in the same class with their friends. “It is also important for children to learn about school before they start school.”

Rinat Triotl: Little things can improve everyday school life

If parents have the necessary information, children can look forward to the first day of school more relaxed. “Children should be able to go to school without any stress or anxiety,” Triotl says. The first surveys would have shown that even small things can remove fear from the new stage of life. “There are children who feel uncomfortable before the first day of school because they don’t know where the toilets are.”

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

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Survey results are now being used to develop standards used in day care centers – regardless of whether they are city-run or private – and in schools. One wish is to make regular school visits or visit teachers at day care centers. “But we also know that this is taking a very long time,” says Francesca Berger, who heads the city’s Department of Education Department.

The exchange between children in day care centers and the school is more than an “open day”

Claudia Peters, Vice President of Pädiko-Kita Colorito in Herzog-Friedrich-Straße, provides evidence of the time needed for past exchanges between first graders and future teachers, which goes beyond the ‘open day’. “13 of our children will start school in the summer, go to seven different schools.”

Parents can take part in the online survey, which takes about ten minutes, until the end of June at After the school year begins, parents can also describe their experiences online. The results are due to be published in early 2023.

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