NFT Games Earn Money: This is how you can earn cryptocurrency through games


Earning coins while gambling – the dream of every player. So called play-to-earn games make this dream a reality by rewarding users with cryptocurrencies, NFTs and more for playing and solving tasks.

Besides blockchain-based video games, crypto enthusiasts can also take a look at online lotteries like Lucky Block. The promising project wants to promote online gambling using Binance Smart Chain and the native cryptocurrency LBLOCK, and will start a regular jackpot draw later this month, which could also promise a lot of money.

NFT Games: How to win money by gambling

Play-to-Earn is the new success – instead of having to put a lot of money into a pay-to-win game, players for playing a video game should be rewarded with crypto money and non-fungible tokens in the future. Some Web3 applications are already implementing P2E and emphasizing how blockchains can improve or even revolutionize the gaming world.

The leading metaverses The Sandbox and Decentraland are particularly well known. In the virtual worlds, by completing quests and selling items, you can get the original crypto tokens for projects: SAND and MANA. In addition, there is a daily airdrop where you can win both coins and NFTs.

Play to win coding games

In any case, non-fungible tokens play an essential role in metaverses. Properties and experiences on your Virtual Land as well as clothing, names, furniture and a variety of items represent NFTs and can be traded with SAND or MANA on The Sandbox or Decentraland’s in-house trading platform.

In addition to virtual worlds, there are also classic games in which you can earn coins. Splinterlands and Gods Unchained are just two of the many Web3 trading card games where you compete with your own deck of monsters against other users.

The difference from traditional trading card games: by winning or completing missions, you receive new NFT cards in addition to the original crypto coins. So called Splinterhards (SPS) can be earned in Splinterlands, while in Gods Unchained you are rewarded with GODS Tokens.

NFT Apps: Earn Money by Running & Exploring

In addition to NFT games, interested parties can also access other NFT applications where you do not have to actively gamble to earn cryptocurrency. Thanks to the STEPN app, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the App Store, it is possible to raise money by walking and running.

To do this, you first have to buy STEPN NFT, which comes as a digital sneaker. Virtual shoes have different characteristics and traits, sometimes making them better for walking or better for running faster.

The speed and distance are then measured by GPS. While running, you regularly receive Green Satoshi Tokens (GST), which you can then convert into cash. So if you’re on the go a lot anyway, STEPN could be a profitable Web3 app.

Moreover, Coin Hunt World provides a perfect opportunity for Pokemon Go fans to rediscover the real world and find valuable keys and safes in digital form. On the way, you will be provided with exciting mini-games, which is why the quiz question must be answered first when you open the safe.

Lucky Block: Money can also be won through crypto lotteries

However, if you prefer to trust your lucky fairy, you can also win many tokens through online gambling. The newcomer to the lottery scene is called Lucky Block and it has some revolutionary features in store.

This is how Lucky Block works on the Binance Smart Chain, which is more efficient and faster than the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain technology and smart contracts make gambling more transparent and secure than alternative providers.

Lucky block app

There is also the original Lucky Block Coin (LBLOCK), which is an essential part of the crypto lottery. With it, you can participate in regular draws and take advantage of potential price increases from the future success of the gambling platform.

In fact, LBLOCK is the fastest growing cryptocurrency ever, having reached the $1 billion market cap in just three weeks.

But how can you make money with Lucky Block?

There are three broadly used ways to do this on the platform. On the other hand, you can participate in the usual main lottery, which promises the biggest prize. The first grand prize draw is scheduled for May 2022 and has already attracted a lot of interest in advance due to the unique winning principle.

70% of the total winning bet goes to the main winner, while the remaining 30% is split between three different parties. Thus, all LBLOCK holders, the Lucky Block Marketing team, as well as non-profit organizations supported by the cryptocurrency lottery, each receive about 10% of the total jackpot, which guarantees a high level of equity.

2 million wins with Lucky Block

On the other hand, Lucky Block NFTs give the chance to participate in daily raffles and win 2% of the grand prize from the main game. Additionally, one can take advantage of future price increases for Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFTs, after all, the Mint is only 3.75 WBNB (about $1,500 USD).

Alternatively, there is also the option to invest in Lucky Block Coins LBLOCK and keep the crypto tokens in your wallet as a pure investment. So you do not have to hope too much for your luck in the game, but rather hope for long-term success and associated increases in the value of the LBLOCK coin in order to win money through the crypto lottery.

Lucky Block is now available on the web and as an app in the Google Play Store, which is why you can also access the gambling platform from your smartphone.

FAQ: How to Play Lucky Block Lottery in May

The following three steps are necessary to be able to play the first Lucky Block lottery in May:

1. Step: Buy Binance Coins

In the first step, we buy Binance Coins, which are required to buy LBLOCK tokens.

Buy BNB on the Lucky Block

lucky block ticket

2. Step: Replace BNB with LBLOCK

Now we transfer the coins to our MetaMask wallet and go to Under the How to Buy tab we click on Buy Lucky Block and in the next step we connect our wallet to the platform.

We can then simply exchange our BNB coins for LBLOCK tokens on the Binance Smart Chain exchange.

3. Step: Play the Lucky Block Lottery

Finally, we wait for the Lucky Block Lottery and then enter the event with our LBLOCK tokens. Even if we don’t win the jackpot, we still get a share of 10% distributed to all LBLOCK holders in each drawing.

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