Two-legged dog: How Joey enjoys life despite a disability

Updated: 05/26/2022 – 20:15

A little puppy with a big zest for life
How the dog Joey mastered his life with only his feet!

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Despite the handicap, the dog Joey is full of vitality! (Icon picture)

It is clear at first glance with a small Chihuahua: that the little rascal was born with a disability. But even with two feet, Joey is happily roving around and doesn’t let anything or anyone slow him down.

The little puppy is only three months old and really jumps like a big puppy. He plays and grooms with his stuffed animals and wants to do everything other adoption dogs do. But it’s not so easy, because Joey misses his front legs. However, the little one throws himself into life!

Joey the dog only has two legs – but he’s still enjoying his life

“Joey is one of the happiest dogs we have ever met,” Kristen Peralta enthused. She is the founder of Vintage Pet Rescue, a charity for elderly and sick dogs. “He doesn’t know he’s different and loves playing with toys, wrestling with other dogs, enjoying his paddling pool and cuddling,” she told American pet magazine The Dodo.

Joey especially loves cuddling his favorite stuffed animal: a baby sheep. This is the perfect size for a small dog. When he needs a break from playing, he curls up in the stuffed animal group and takes a nap. “He’s still a puppy, so he’ll play a lot and then sleep a lot,” Peralta smiles.

And little Joey can do what his four-legged friends can also do with just two feet. Jumping on the couch – no problem! He can even climb stairs. “It’s really unbelievable to see him roam so well,” Peralta said. “There’s nothing stopping him.”

Two-legged puppy looking for a new home

The main goal of Vintage Pet Rescue is for a Chihuahua to always feel comfortable and safe. And he could do better in a new family that gives him lots of love and affection. Once the child is neutered and has their own wheelchair, they should be put in place. Kristin Peralta is sure: despite his disability, he will quickly win the heart of a new family. “We know we’ll have hundreds of orders for him, but there’s only one Joey.”

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