3Landers NFT: Collection Expands With Adventure Bags and Biomes, Is LBLOCK NFT Expanding Now Too?


The 3Landers community didn’t have to wait long to expand their favorite NFT range: 10,000 3Landers NFTs only entered the market at the end of February 2022, and now – less than three months later – matching Biomes NFTs with so-called adventure bags are available.

This not only expands the world of famous 3Landers, but also shows the outside world the consistent and unique working of the closely related community. Meanwhile, Lucky Block, the crypto lottery behind Platinum Rollers Club NFTs, announced that it will hold its first jackpot draw later in May.

3Landers Biomes: This expands the NFT group

In early May, the 3Landers team, made up of 3LandBoy (artist and founder), Stubby (co-founder), EvoTheCurator (project manager) and 0xStudio (development studio), announced the next step for 3Landers NFTs. The crazy, colorful and unique characters of the group set out on an adventure in new, yet undiscovered worlds: 3Landers Biomes.

Since May 7, 2022, every member of the community can purchase the so-called Adventure Bag on the project’s official website. This is required to mine the individual 3Landers biome, which is also stored as a non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain.

In fact, according to the Proof-of-Burn algorithm, the Adventure Bag must be destroyed in order to obtain the 3L-Biomes NFT. As the team announced on Twitter, the Adventure Bag would have no further benefit going forward than being “burned out” for 3Landers.

With 3Landers Biomes, the developers have finally released the artistic land that matches the colorful and unusual 3Landers characters. The community is very excited about the news and has been busy posting several NFTs on social media that 3LandBoy artist designed with great effort.

Raw materials, plants and planets: this is how the value of 3Landers Biomes NFTs appears

The value of the 3L-Biome NFT also results from the rarity of the traits. Each biome comes with unique objects, resources, planets, plants, and sky, all of which ultimately determine the value of the NFT.

25 NFT owners who managed to acquire a one-time “unique” NFT are currently particularly happy. These special biomes stand out from the other 3Landers and are truly unique, which is why they trade at higher prices.

So far, a total of 7,800 3L-Biomes NFTs have been minted, and the floor price on the open market is 0.1 ether (about €220). Almost 130 ETH has already been traded with the new tokens, corresponding to over €290,000.

As an extension of the 3Landers series, 3L biomes can’t compete 100% with the original 3Landers NFTs, which are still being bought and sold for 1 ETH nearly three months after launch. However, the 10,000 unique personalities are also the basis for participation in the upcoming events of the project – so it is possible that the new 3L Biomes group will not be able to reach the 33,000 ETH (€73.6 million) trading volume.

Three Landers is particularly distinguished by the fact that it is very community oriented and reliable. Thus, the biomes now developed are a first step towards a dreamy and adventurous future, which will be shaped and decided by the followers themselves.

Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club: A similar promising NFT set with exceptional utility

Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club has a similar growing community as 3Landers. The set consists of 10,000 lifetime lottery tickets secured as non-fungible tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.

Every day Lucky Block wants to run an exclusive lottery that can only be entered for owners of LBLOCK NFT. A maximum of 10,000 people has a daily chance to get 2% of the prize from the main game – around $10,000 USD is initially expected.

Buy Lucky Block NFT

In addition, Platinum Rollers Club NFTs score other benefits. The upcoming two competitions in particular will make the hearts of NFT holders race faster, with a streamlined Lamborghini Aventador on hand as well as a $1 million plus.

Moreover, one can hope for more jobs in the future, which the Lucky Block team will announce. Of course, the purchase may only be beneficial due to the potential increases in value that NFTs will have to experience since the start of the daily lottery.

The first grand prize draw in May 2022

In fact, it wouldn’t be long before the Lucky Block would let the games begin. The first grand prize draw for LBLOCK holders has been announced on the official website for the month of May 2022 – however, no exact date has been set yet.

This indicates that the daily Platinum Rollers Club sweepstakes could start soon. In the meantime, by purchasing LBLOCK tokens, you will have the opportunity to participate in the main attraction of the Lucky Block.

Lucky Jackpot

Crypto Lottery uses smart contracts and blockchain to make online gambling more transparent and secure for everyone. The original cryptocurrency LBLOCK also plays a crucial role in this, as it managed to achieve the fastest growth ever after the ICO.

In fact, all the sites eventually win the Lucky Block big lottery, where the winning prize is shared. The winner gets 70% of the total value, the remaining 30% is distributed to the LBLOCK marketing team, donations to the good cause and all other LBLOCK holders.

FAQ: How to enter the Lucky Block Lottery

In the next three steps, we will tell you how you can also participate in the upcoming Lucky Block Lottery.

Step 1: Buy BNB

First we need Binance Coins (BNB), which we can buy directly from the Lucky Block website.

Buy BNB on the Lucky Block

Step 2: Replace BNB with LBLOCK

In the second step, we go to the Lucky Block website and are automatically redirected to the trading page under How to Buy and Buy Lucky Block. Now we can connect our MetaMask wallet to which we previously transferred BNB.

You can then exchange BNB for LBLOCK with just a few clicks on the official BSC network exchange.

Replace BNB with LBlock

Third Step: Participate in the Lucky Block Lottery

Finally, we are waiting for the first Lucky Block jackpot draw to take place. Now that we have the required LBLOCK codes, all we have to do is sign up for the lottery and enjoy gambling.

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