Flimette in June: love, laughter and a desire to travel

Also: Simpl-Revue “Crown of Exhaustion” as an exclusive preview, the best of Harald Sicherheititz, 40 years’ “Die Supernasen”, the film’s focus on the love of touring and much more

Vienna Flimmit (www.flimmit.at) once again put together a complete package in June under the slogan “Love, Laughter and Desire to Travel”. In addition to a preview of Michael Nivarani’s new Simpl play “The Crown of Exhaustion,” the program also includes cult entertainment for binge-watching, including all the “Supernasen” films with Thomas Gottschalk and Mike Krüger as well as the best films of Harald Sicheritz. . New episodes of “The Universe” and the report series “Islands of Dreams – By Bike…” are stirring anticipation for the upcoming summer vacation. In addition, films such as “Zweisitzrakete” with Manuel Robbie and “Love Machine” with Thomas Stipsits make Flemette’s heart beat with life.

Laughing muscle training with Simpl Revue and “Die Supernasen” and focus on Sicherheititz

“We must finally recover” is the slogan of Michael Niavarani’s new Simpl play “Crown of Exhaustion,” which can be considered an exclusive preview on Flimmit starting June 10. The lockdowns are summed up in a very entertaining way and political events in Austria are commented on in sharp tongues – from press conferences and ZIB specials to salutes to homeschooling and home office.

Quick sayings and witty word creations can also be found in the cult films “Supernasen” with Thomas Gottschalk and Mike Krüger, which celebrates its 40th anniversary on June 17. Two audience favorites can already be seen on Flimmit in all four parts (“Pirate Station Powerplay”, “The Super Noses”, “Two Noses Tank Super”, “The Beginners”) and they provide dry jokes and laughter sticks to train the laughing muscles.

Films of Harald Sicherheitz, whose birthday is on June 25, guarantees the best entertainment. Flimmit offers a comprehensive safety package and congratulates the award-winning director and screenwriter on his collection of masterpieces. In addition to legendary comedies such as “Hinterholz 8”, “Mother’s Day” or “Poppitz”, the program also includes the hit series “MA 2412”, “Vorstadtweiber” and “11er Haus”.

And because Flimmit benefits not only from humor, but also love, the focus in June is on romantic films—heart palpitations and spring fever guaranteed. Broadcasting and Falling in Love is the name of the game with productions like “Zweisitzrakete” (with Manuel Robbie, Alyssa Jung and Simon Schwartz), “Love Machine” (with Thomas Stipsits), and “The Flowers of Saturday” (with Lars Edinger and Adele Haenel).

Flimmit makes you want to travel

Flimmit begins the summer countdown to sea, warmth and relaxation away from home. Starting on June 23, new releases from the “Universum” series, including “Wild Istanbul” and “Cuba – The Wild Revolution”, will make you want to travel. If you don’t feel like going that far, you can set off on an adventure in the wonderful vineyards of Austria, Germany and France in the “Wonderful World of Vineyards”.

Longings can also be easily explored by bike – from the far north to the southernmost region of the Mediterranean. In the report series “Dream Islands – by bike on…” (from June 30 in Flimmit) the cobbled bike intersects with the natural and cultural attractions of Corsica, Crete, Sardinia, Ireland and Iceland.

With “The Last Party of Your Life,” Flemette will be presenting the perfect summer movie for all high school graduates starting June 23. A school leaving trip to Croatia turns into a horror journey for a few students. Elizabeth Wabitch, Michael Ostrovsky, Edita Malovic and Antonia Moretti, among others, directed by Dominic Hartl.

More highlights in June

The documentary “Der Bauer zu Nathal – Kein Film über Thomas Bernhard” shows the relics left by writer Thomas Bernhard in his hometown of Ohlsdorf near Gmunden from June 6 in Flimmit. From Mayor of Ohlsdorf to Tarek Leitner commenting on Bernard’s character, Nicholas Ovcharek serves as a companion reader of Bernard’s texts.

There will be new cases of ‘Soko Donau’ on Flimt starting June 15th. In Season 16, the confirmed cast of Andreas Kindle, Stefan Jürgens, Lillian Klebeau, Brigitte Crane, Maria Abel and Helmut Boach, among others, plunge into electronic grooming and are summoned to a mysterious crime scene in a luxury hotel in idyllic Bad Ischl.

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