Love Storm: Lena Konzendorf and Sophia Schiller talking from the sewing box

News of the current series in the GALA tape: “Storm of Love”: these are the future plans of Lena Conzendorf and Sophia Schiller +++ “Toni’s World”: beginning of season 2 +++ “In all friendship”: two characters can be seen again.

News of the series in the tape GALA

May 27 2022

‘Love Storm’: Lena Konzendorf and Sophia Schiller reveal their plans for the future

Actresses Lena Konzendorf, 30, and Sophia Schiller, 26, answered viewers’ questions in a live chat on Instagram. During a surprise visit from colleague Sandro Kurtzel, 31, the two confront the question of their future plans. “I want to keep shooting right away,” Lina exclaimed. “I am also interested in becoming a voice actress,” she adds. You have a great desire to dubbing films that are frankly “not German TV”.

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Sofia says about her future plans: “I would like to make a documentary about Arte. And preferably a documentary in which you can make a pun on the side,” says the actress, it’s great to comment on something with a slight wink. The colleagues would also like to play something different from the roles they currently play in Sturm der Liebe in the future.

25 May 2022

“Tony World”: a popular series returning for the second season

“Toni’s World” can be watched on RTL+ in a new season starting Wednesday, May 25th. Originally started as a prequel to the “Red Bands Club” series, the story of autistic Tony Asperger (Ivo Kortlang, 28) and his girlfriend Valerie Tourette (Amber Bongaard, 24), is now fully on her feet. The cast announced a sequel to the series in November 2021 – which made “Tony World” fans very happy, especially after the end of the first season.

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Season 2 will answer the big questions the ending asked: Will Tony and Valerie get back together? Does Valerie have her baby? And how will Dr. Alfred Schmita (Armen Rudd, 67) Dealing With Parkinson’s Disease? While episodes are already available on RTL+, it will take some time to stream on free TV: Starting Wednesday, June 8, episodes of season two of “Tonis Welt” will always air at 8:15 PM VOX.

May 24, 2022

In All Friendship: Lily and Lisa return in the current episode

In All Friendship viewers can look forward to two celebrity comebacks on Tuesday, May 24, 2022: Dr. Lilly Phan (Mai Duong Kieu, 35) and Lisa Schroth (Ella Zirzow, 20) can be seen in the current episode “I Have to Tell You Something.” Q’s character is currently in Leipzig, which is why Dr. Phan is only communicated via video call while the Sachsenklinik staff discusses the patient’s condition.

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Lisa, daughter of Dr. Roland Heilmann (Thomas Rühmann, 67) plays a larger role in the current episode. While she herself is nervous because she has a date with a co-worker, her father has very different fears: He’s about to have an operation due to a tumor in his ear. However, he does not tell his daughter about the tumor or the upcoming surgery – only after the operation she finds out what is happening with her father and confronts him. It is currently unknown when Lily and Lisa will next appear in the hospital chain.

May 23 2022

The ‘storm of love’ and ‘red roses’ must stop

“Sturm der Liebe” and “Rote Rosen,” the popular TV series from ARD, are taking a few weeks off. As reported by, an ARD spokesperson confirmed that both groups will be taking a “short” vacation this summer, which is supposed to start at the end of July. It is not yet decided how long this break will last, but we are talking about three to four weeks. This is nothing new for fans of both series – after all, summer vacation has also been taken in previous years – but ARD does not show any old episodes during this time, but is testing new formats.

This alone is not cause for concern for viewers: both TVs have been extended until late summer/fall 2023. However, it is unclear how and if they will last beyond that. “Given our limited resources, we have to consider whether we can still afford a fantasy show in the afternoon,” ARD program director Kristen Strobel said in an interview with at the end of 2021. Numbers, Click Online Media Library Numbers Embedded and Stable Due to the large fan base, “however, we probably won’t reach any new target groups with either series in the Media Library,” says Strobel. However, this must be achieved urgently.

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