NFT Games: You can earn real money with P2E games for Android and iOS like Lucky Block


More and more games and apps are now relying on the gameplay to win which can have a huge impact on the future of gaming. This means that the original tokens can usually be won while gambling, which can then be converted into cash.

In this article we would like to go over some of the most popular and exciting NFT games and explain what’s behind titles like Axie Infinity, Splinterlands or Binemon. In addition, the Lucky Block crypto lottery was recently added to the blockchain gaming for Android and iOS, as the team launched its own smartphone app a few weeks ago.

NFT Games: The most popular coding games for Android and iOS

There is no doubt that Axie Infinity is one or perhaps even the most famous NFT game of all time. The “play to win” game with cute animated monsters has been leading the market since 2018 and now has a fan base of around 2 million active users.

The game is about gaining new Axies by fighting or breeding other players, which have unique characteristics. As part of the Ethereum ecosystem, objects representing non-fungible tokens can be exchanged and traded with other market users.

In addition, Axie Infinity owns two original cryptocurrencies, AXS and SLP. The AXS token is currently priced at over €20.15, having reached an all-time high on November 6, 2021 at an impressive €158.

In fact, you can download Axie Infinity for free on your Android or iOS device, even if you have at least three Axie NFTs to play with. Although the NFT game is not available on the Google Play Store or the App Store, the game can be downloaded for free from the Axie Infinity website.

Axis Infinity Photo 1

Another new game from NFT that offers fun and money earning opportunities called Binemon. It is no coincidence that the name of the game sounds similar to the popular animated series Pokemon: Binemon combines some elements of the Pokemon world into a standalone crypto game.

In high-quality 3D graphics, players can buy and sell so-called Mons in the market, collect them and compete against other creatures in a fantastic adventure. In the design of various monsters, it is noticeable that Internet memes greatly affect the appearance of the figures.

Playing gags from the online world like Pepe the Frog or Doge are important components of the Binemon world, which features three in-game currencies. So players can win Ambrosia coins by gambling, but the DRK is used to buy Mons.

The NFT game can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store and App Store, which makes it much easier to play on Android and iOS devices.

Splinterlands and Devikens

Also, Splinterlands, the next NFT game on our list, can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and App Store. The trading card game makes the hearts of fans of digital trading cards beat faster, and Splinterhards (SPS) are called into the game as a reward for successful missions and battles.

Of course, there are non-replaceable symbols behind the virtual cards, which makes the monsters unique. The design is reminiscent of a mixture of World of Warcraft and Digimon, which definitely adds to the allure of the NFT Splinterlands game.

We would also like to introduce Devikins, a mobile game for Android and iOS that also works with NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Here, players can build their own Devikin army and use it in various role-playing adventures.

Similar to Axie Infinity, Devikins is all about raising characters and training young “Devikids” who can later be sold for money. In the integrated marketplace, players use native devicoins (DVK) to buy and sell NFTs.

Crypto lottery Lucky Block: Now available for Android and iOS devices

Apart from classic NFT games like Axie Infinity or Splinterlands, there are also games of chance that work with blockchain technology. One of the most popular and promising crypto lotteries ever has also been available as an app on the Google Play Store for a few weeks now, and an iOS app will soon follow: Lucky Block Lottery.

lucky lottery block

This is a really special lottery because it combines many exciting points: high prizes, a transparent system, donations to a good cause, bonuses for each individual token owner, and much more. This is ensured not only by the Binance Smart Chain on which the Lucky Block is based, but also by the unique winning principle of the grand prize draw.

Of course, the person whose ticket is drawn gets the largest share of the grand prize, 70% of the prize pool. The remaining 30% is split between all other LBLOCK holders, donations to non-profit organizations and the Lucky Block Marketing Department.

LBLOCK is the name of the original cryptocurrency for Lucky Block and is required to participate in the main lottery. Lucky Block Coin is just the fastest growing digital currency token ever, with a market capitalization of $1 billion in just three weeks after the ICO.

Furthermore, Lucky Block is constantly expanding its own range, such as its NFT Platinum Rollers Club range, weekly newsletter and in-house smartphone app. Anyone wishing to participate in the Lucky Block Lottery can still participate in the first main event of the gaming platform: in May 2022, that is, this month, the first LBLOCK lottery drawing will take place to win the jackpot.

Instructions: How to enter the LBLOCK lottery

In this quick guide we explain how to participate in the Lucky Block Lottery in just three steps:

Step 1: BNB takes over

First, we are looking for a suitable provider from which we can buy Binance Coins (BNB). In this step, we directly recommend the Lucky Block website, which comes with a high level of ease of use.

In a few minutes, buy “BNB” and click on the cryptocurrency to enter the transaction window. There we enter the amount with which we want to buy BNB coins.

Buy BNB on the Lucky Block

Step 2: Exchange BNB for Lucky Block Coins

In the second step, we take the BNB tokens to the official Lucky Block website using our MetaMask wallet and click on “How to buy” and on “Buy Lucky Block”. We can then connect our wallet to the platform and exchange our BNB tokens for LBLOCK on the BSC network exchange.

Third Step: Participate in the Lucky Block Lottery

Now all you have to do is wait for the Lucky Block Lottery to start, which won’t take long. Then we can participate in the crypto lottery with the purchased LBLOCK coins and look forward to an exciting event.

2 million wins with Lucky Block

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