Crime scene: Liebeswut from Bremen

IIn the no longer new team from Bremen “Crime Scene” with commissioners Liv Moormann and Linda Selb, the former is responsible not only for the mood, but also for the introduction and conclusion from the perspective of the first-person narrator. Liv Moormann (Jasna Fritze Bauer) tells us something about love; About lost love and excess love that leads to abnormal control and violence. With which she outlines the episode “Love Rage”. This is about killer “love,” as director Anne Zahra Brashed and photographer Christian Hack explained to us from the first shot, based on a screenplay by Martina Mochot.

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An apartment is on fire, no one is home, and the homicide department says there’s nothing to be done here, says the policeman at the scene. That changes when colleagues open a fortified door. In the room is the corpse of Susan Kramer (Ilona Thor), dressed in her red tulle wedding dress. On the ceiling above her the warning was written: “The devil is talking to you through walls. He is too close. He will get it. I can do nothing anymore.” Liv Moorman believes in suicide and wants to leave, classmate Linda Silp (Louise Wolfram) is intrigued, convinced of a murder and wants to start up. why? She says, “Because the enemy is Satan and he never gets tired of death.” Sayings of an exaggerated type.

Only now did the Inspectors realize the disappearance of the deceased woman’s daughter. As for the alleged murder and kidnapping, there could be three sinister characters: sleazy, childlike neighbor Gernot Chapala (Alyosha Stadelmann), who appears to Leif Moorman in agonizing horror flashbacks; The most unusual supervisor is Joachim Conrady (Dirk Martins), whose reason we quickly guessed why he worked at the school from which the two girls disappeared; and the deceased man’s husband, Thomas Kramer (Matthias Machke), who has fled from his wife’s mental health problems and lives with the naively insane young Jacqueline Depp (Melina Caltenbach). If there was still the dead man’s father, Burchard Dobellet (Thomas Schindel), who knew right away who the “devil” was doing here mischief.


Crime scene: “Love Rage”

Video: ARD, Photo: Radio Bremen

You shouldn’t ask about the “crime scene” logic in detail, nor about gruesome twists and lots of clichés. On the other hand, shadowing the characters succeeded thanks to the great cast. There’s also room for inspectors (more than enough should Liv Moorman recover from trauma). Above all, though, director Anne Zahra Brashed and her team fine-tune the controls for each scene so someone like David Lynch can shake off the chills. You have to love it.

Crime scene: love rageSunday, 8:15 p.m., ARD

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