Make Money Via App: With These 4 Blockchain Apps You Can Be in the Black


Who does not dream of a small extra income that can be easily earned using the application. Now new blockchain apps and games to play to earn easily increase your income on your cell phone.

The market now offers apps for all tastes: from Pokemon Go-like VR games to classic trading card games to crypto lottery games on mobile devices, almost no desire should come true. Above all, the all-new Lucky Block app promises gambling enthusiasts a completely transparent gambling experience – in fact, the date of the first jackpot draw was published a few days ago.

1. Splinterlands

As a trading card game on the Hive blockchain, Splinterlands presents itself in both the browser and the Google Play Store. Since the end of 2020, players have been able to immerse themselves in the world of Splinterlands and earn so-called dark energy crystals – the original cryptocurrency of the mobile game – while gambling.

After you collect a deck of various monster cards that are somewhat reminiscent of the Yu-Gi-Oh design, you compete against other players in turn-based gameplay and offer an exciting battle. After each battle or by solving quests, you can get new maps and upgrades as well as dark energy crystals, which can be used to trade in the integrated market.

Splinterland cipher game

In addition, you can also exchange dark energy crystals for real coins and thus win real money by gambling on Splinterlands. In addition, Splinterlands has a governance token called Splinterhards (SPS) that allows the community to vote directly on upcoming changes and updates.

The SPS token is currently trading at €0.095, although it can be assumed that the price will rise once Splinterlands invades the trading card game charts. However, to earn money from the application itself, Dark Energy Crystals are of interest.

In fact, the Splinterlands app is free to download and most of the game is free. To get the full experience, you can buy the Book of Magic for $10 to unlock all the features of the P2E game.

2. Steppen

The second app on our list allows you to earn money while walking. No joke: STEPN promises indoor users Green Satoshi Tokens (GST) for walking, jogging, or jogging.

To do this, you download the Solana-based app on your smartphone for free and then you need an NFT sneaker. This determines the speed at which you can earn coins – you can choose between walker (1-6 km/h), jogger (4-10 km/h), sprinter (8-20 km/h) and coach (1 – 20 km/h) NFTs.

If you buy a virtual sneaker from an in-game market, you can continually improve it over time to get more Goods and Services Tax (GST) codes. In addition to the coins you earn now while training, STEPN also offers randomly dropped mystery chests.

Opening a Mystery Box can award different prizes ranging from Green Satoshi Tokens to Sneaker upgrades. After each run, some codes pay to “fix” virtual boots.

So if you’re often outdoors anyway and want to make a little extra income while hiking or training, STEPN is a good choice. Paying and exchanging GST to other currencies is also uncomplicated via the app’s integrated marketplace.

3. Queen Hunt World

Attention Pokemon GO fans: Coin Hunt World for the App Store and Google Play Store comes with a very similar VR game, where you hunt cryptocurrency and NFT instead of pocket monsters.

The P2E mobile game hides digital keys and treasure chests in the real world that will lead the player from the sofa to the city. While searching, you will encounter a variety of mini-games so that you do not get bored.

Once you find a key and a safe, you can collect the reward. But first you have to answer the test question correctly, which can be selected from three different categories.

You then receive various prizes ranging from cryptocurrencies to NFTs from Coin Hunt World. In fact, you can also add friends and search for rewards together, each of them finding their own friends mission. After that, both players get bonuses, which greatly increases the fun of Coin Hunt World.

4. Lucky Block

The three apps mentioned above provide opportunities to earn a little extra income – classic survey apps like the Google Survey app are also used to slightly increase the income. But if you really want to get rich with a smartphone app, you can hope to get your own lucky fairy with Lucky Block.lucky lottery block

lucky block ticket

Lucky Block is a crypto lottery on the Binance smart chain that aims to revolutionize the current online gambling market. With the help of smart contracts, the Lucky Block Lottery is said to be more transparent and secure than alternative providers, and the project is also very community oriented.

The unique system is the winning crypto lottery prizes where everyone wins. The grand winner gets 70% of the grand prize, while the remaining 30% goes to all original LBLOCK coin holders, non-profit organizations, and the marketing department of Lucky Block.

The Lucky Block app was only recently available on the Google Play Store, it will soon also be available in the App Store, and their NFT block was launched just a few weeks ago. To earn money with Lucky Block, you can not only hold the LBLOCK token and hope for a price increase, but also participate in the sweepstakes.

This will start later this month, on May 31st. If you want to participate in a big event and think you have luck on your side, you can participate in the grand prize draw with LBLOCK coins.

Instructions: How to get into the big Lucky Block Lottery

The following steps are necessary to be able to participate in the LBLOCK lottery:

Step 1: Connect the wallet to the Lucky Block website

First we visit and click on “How to buy” and “Buy Lucky Block”. We can then connect our MetaMask wallet to the website and first buy Binance Coins (BNB) with another cryptocurrency or fiat money.

To do this, we enter the codes that are already in our wallet in the upper field and select the desired number. After making sure that the field below says “BNB”, we can complete the transaction with a single click.

Step 2: Exchange BNB for Lucky Block Coins

Next, we exchange BNB for LBLOCK on the same platform. To do this, we select BNB in ​​the trading window at the top and again enter the number of tokens we want to exchange.Buy BNB on the Lucky Block

Now “LBLOCK” should be available in the bottom field and it should show how many Lucky Block Coins we get for BNB tokens. If we agree to the barter deal, one click is all it takes to confirm the deal.

Third Step: Participate in the LBLOCK Lottery

As a last step, we only wait for the 31st of May when the first Lucky Block lottery will finally be held. Now we can simply participate in the grand prize draw with our LBLOCK coins and enjoy the exciting event.

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