Recall from Birkenstock: These kids’ sandals are impactful!

06/16/2021 – 07:39

Dangerous to young children
Recall Birkenstock: Children’s Sandals Affected!

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Birkenstock tells customers about a recall: Children’s shoes are defective.

Attention, children can be exposed to danger from their shoes. What shoes exactly are young children affected by and what you should do now.

Temperatures are rising, and now light, airy clothes and shoes are starting to come out. So we also put our little ones in comfortable shoes in these sweltering summer temperatures. We like to buy high-quality models, for example from Birkenstock. However, if you choose this brand of sandals for your offspring, you may be affected by the recall process now. then Birkenstock warns of children’s sandalswhich must now find its way to the manufacturer due to a quality defect.

Remember Birkenstock Kids Sandals

As can be read at, some baby sandals have flaws and shouldn’t be worn by sons anymore. The recall comes from Birkenstock Global Sales GmbH and affects the Mogami children’s shoe style. During quality control, it turns out that the rivet can loosen if the heel strap is subjected to excessive pressure. This can happen quickly with children playing, jumping, and climbing.

In such a situation, the wearer of these young shoes may be exposed to health risks. Young children between 0 and 3 years old can accidentally swallow or inhale this small part. So the company is calling on people to stop using these shoes. Birkenstock customers must either return the defective item to the store or send it back to the online store. No purchase receipt is required for this. Money will be refunded to the consumer even without this proof.

These Birkenstock sandals have been checked out

These are the items that are being called. Affects shoe sizes 24-28:

  • 1019672 Mogami Kids BF Black Glacial Acid
  • 1020565 Mogami Kids BF Icy Active Red Black
  • 1019306 Mogami Kids BF Black Black
  • 1020251 Mogami Kids Bf Ice Bright Violet Pink
  • 1020886 Mogami Kids BF Carbon Navy
  • 1021066 Mogami Kids BF Desert Soil Camo Khaki
  • 1020243 Mogami BF Icy BTS Purple Haze Violet
  • 1019514 Mogami Kids BF Icy Purple Fog Pink
  • 1020271 Mogami BF Icy BTS Blue Lime Black
  • 1019466 Mogami Kids BF Icy Ultrablue Black

Your child is wearing one of these models but is a size larger than 28? Now are you not sure? Inspect the shoe for this defect. If you don’t want to keep the shoes, you can also return them because Birkenstock accommodates this case and will return them for free if you wish.

Do you have any questions about this summons? When it comes to the little ones, the skepticism is great. To help you further, there is Customer Service, which you can reach at the phone number +49 (0) 2683 9359 1100. Alternatively, you can also use this contact form.

In this case, children’s shoes hit. However, nutrients are often affected as well and must be withdrawn from the circulation. The food recall can be found on our separate topic page. Recently, the popular bear sausage has been withdrawn due to mineral dust.

Plastic particles can also get into food and become a problem. Watch more in the video:

Have you purchased a defective product, but the manufacturer refuses to return it or guarantee its replacement? In such cases, it is good to know your rights. We deal with various legal issues on the “Legal Advice” topic page. Take a look and arm yourself with new knowledge of different legal issues of skepticism in life.

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