The World Needs a Stage: Discover Music 3.0

STAGE is on a mission to revolutionize the music industry with its Music 3.0 platform. The main focus is on the artists and the vision of cutting out the middlemen.

STAGE, the name speaks for itself. Every artist needs a stage to showcase their skills. Be it music, dance, or any other form of art. There is a need to create an equal stage where the talent speaks for itself.

The current music industry reflects an entirely different picture. The music industry appears to be run by middlemen that favor female stars, to the detriment of the talent economy. Organic growth in this environment poses a major threat to emerging talent.

Did you know that the top three music labels produce about two-thirds of all music consumed in the United States? Most of the well known artists have a part time job to earn a living. Her music career alone is not enough for that.

In a world where production companies determine the next star, STAGE is on a mission to change that. It aims to help artists make a living from their talents, find next stars and share their success with fans.

STAGE in short

Unlike typical music apps, STAGE is an all-in-one platform for artists and fans. The concept of STAGE is a combination of The Voice and TikTok. There are rewards and NFT tools for sharing an artist’s success.

STAGE differs from other platforms in that it is community focused. The platform is designed to benefit artists and fans.

The team is supported by experts from the technology and music industries. This includes a senior CEO of a major crypto exchange. But not only that, but also an AI specialist, a world-class product guide and consultant who sold their posters and created famous artists.

The identity of the team will be announced during the IDO.

Healthy competition for artists

STAGE will provide artists of the same genre with an equal platform to compete and gain recognition. In the world of music, where fair competition is rather rare, STAGE wants to confront it.

Artists can compete and GMs between the ages of 15 and 25 can vote for their favorite artist. This will help the artists to recognize their talents. So what makes the competition special? Here are some of the main features of the contest:

  • There are hundreds of competitions with artists of different genres.
  • The winner of each contest will get 2% of the tokens from voting.
  • Each contest has a maximum number of tokens allocated.
  • Voting is done exclusively with the token $STAGE.

A visual experience for the masses

Fans will have an immersive video experience where artists will perform and users will be able to vote for the best.

Voting is done with the token $STAGE. Users who are not familiar with cryptocurrency can use a virtual token to vote. Each default 1:1 token will be associated with the $STAGE token.

What sets the voting apart is the Rare STAGE Card (NFT). Are you wondering what this is? When the voting contest ends, votes are minted by topic as NFT (Rare STAGE Card).

The special thing about these NFTs is their rarity. The value of NFTs increases with the popularity and success of the artist. Cards vary from Diamond, Platinum and Gold and offer additional benefits such as:

  • Lifetime backstage access, 10 minute video call per year and two VIP concert tickets once per year.

$STAGE . symbol

$STAGE is the utility icon that supports the complete seamless experience in the app. The token has various uses, including token voting in contests.

The winner will mint a small number of tokens during the contest. The $STAGE tokens are also used to mine NFTs.

  • Tape: $STAGE
  • Code Standard: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Public Menu: Uniswap v3

What does the STAGE roadmap include?

The STAGE roadmap envisions various developments in the near future.

  • Q2: Public listing of IDO.
  • Web3 “STAGE first” will be published two weeks after IDO.
  • Q3: iOS version 1 and iOS mobile app beta launched.
  • Q1 2023: NFT market launch.
  • Q4 2023: Artist Tokens will be published.

last thoughts

STAGE’s vision of nurturing emerging music artists is a much-needed initiative. Making music is harder than ever. Music companies and brokers collect their hard-earned artist money.

STAGE also plans to create a marketplace for NFT and artist tokens. The marketplace will feature a forum where artists can view their NFTs and fans can purchase them. Users can initially trade Rare STAGE cards on other markets until they publish their own.

To further support artists, the platform will offer an artist token. This feature allows artists who meet certain criteria to create their own tokens. Artists can sell tokens to produce their next album or to cover operating costs.

STAGE is aimed squarely at millennials, the target audience for TikTok. With its innovative platform and focus on the artist, could it become a serious competitor to TikTok?


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