BKA criminal statistics: 17,700 child victims of sexual violence

Status: 05/30/2022 11:55 AM

Last year in Germany, an average of 49 minors were victims of sexual violence – every day. In addition, the police recorded much more images of child abuse.

Last year, more than 17,700 children and young people in Germany were victims of sexual violence. That’s an average of 49 victims per day, said Holger Munch, head of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). Together with the Federal Government’s Commissioner for Abuse, Christine Klaus, he presented a special assessment of police crime statistics with detailed information on violence against children.

“They Gained 33 Terabytes of Evidence,” Jochen Hilgers, WDR, About Child Abuse Research Success

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According to this, 17,704 children under the age of 14 were victims of sexual violence last year (2020: 16,921). 2,281 of them were younger than six years. Cases of distributing, possessing, possessing or producing so-called child pornography have doubled in the past year. 39,171 such cases have been reported to the police. This corresponds to an increase of 108.8 percent (2020: 18761). The number of cases of distributing or possessing youth pornography increased to 5,105 (2020: 3107).

The number of minor suspects is significantly higher

According to police statistics, the number of children and young people who posted, possessed or produced images of abuse, especially on social media, has more than tenfolded in Germany since 2018. At that time there were 1,373 underage suspects, but their number It rose to 14,528 last year.

Close said most minors are not aware that possession or redirection is a punishable offense. There is also a lack of awareness of the perpetration of serious and very serious violence against children and other young people. Above all, parents and schools are called upon to find pedagogical answers.

‘Europe has become the center’

For several years, police, with the help of the US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), have been able to shed more light on the supposedly large dark field of child abuse. NCMEC transmits data to the BKA in the event that crimes are discovered at a crime scene in Germany. According to BKA chief Munch, authorities are also receiving more evidence of child sexual abuse. “We welcome this: the most serious acts of violence against children and young people, as the most vulnerable members of society, must be outlawed, prosecuted and put an end to.”

The number of cases was staggering, but expected, Klaus said. She complained that Europe had become a center for the distribution of offensive images. According to the Federal Criminal Police Office, about 60 percent of child and youth abuse images that are distributed worldwide are stored on the Internet on European servers. “We need greater European cooperation and significantly more investment in human and technological equipment for the investigating authorities. Every successful investigation is important because it provides an opportunity to stop severe child abuse and prevent further action.”

In addition, Klaus said that the unknown extent of cases not reported means that it is not possible to say whether the number of cases is actually increasing or whether the increase in the number of cases is due to more success. She renewed her call for further exploration of the dark field. The Independent Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse said current figures do not reflect the actual extent of sexual violence.

Calls to help children grow ‘alarming’

German Children’s Aid has called for measures to better protect children. The increase in crime figures for sexual violence against children is “alarming”. One shortcoming continues to be legal obstacles to bringing perpetrators to justice. Since IP addresses are not allowed to be stored by telecom providers, investigators are often unable to identify them.

Federal Interior Minister Nancy Visser had already warned of the “urgent need for action” in the fight against child sexual abuse online. “We urgently need to protect children,” said the Social Democrat politician. Report from Berlin. It is “one of the most heinous forms of crime”.

“There is no need for us to go into private conversations for no reason.”

Report from Berlin, May 29, 2022

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