Jubilee: Here’s to the Brits! Declaration of love for the people of the island

The Royal Family or Premier Johnson raises eyebrows and admiration. As the Queen celebrates her jubilee, our writers share their most unusual experiences in Britain.

There is so much happening these days that we Germans look at the “British” with amazement at times. With admiration, the Queen’s celebrations of the Queen’s 70th jubilee begin on June 2.

If you take what German TV stations are planning as an indication of Germany’s enthusiasm for Great Britain… but hey, then it must be true love! Live broadcasts and various special programs are planned, and that ZDF He sends us in the mood for a “long night” with the royals. The question must be allowed: does he show a certain yearning for pomp and spectacle and perhaps even for a queen or a king?

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Photo: Tayfun Salci, ZUMA Press Wire / dpa

On the other hand, most Germans among Altosserde and Saarnten am Schalsee look on with astonishment at Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who lives up to his reputation as an eccentric populist political clown (Brexit! Partygate!) almost every day. On the other hand: the glasses are guaranteed with it.

And many of us might think that the British are a little weird or crazy – the British certainly do. In mutual amazement and admiration, we are and will remain connected. A look from our editorial team on a special relationship and private island:

keep calm and carry on

Life is not always easy for continental Europeans London. Those who want to migrate now have to invest money and time, rents are expensive and homes are small. However, at the same time, there are at least many things that one can appreciate, and even love, the island and its inhabitants. This includes the remarkable ability of the British to remain calm in crisis situations. According to the famous slogan “Keep calm and carry on”. So when the London Underground gets stuck between two stations, they continue to read the newspaper without worry. Even in the event of a fire alarm, you can leave the building quiet.

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However, the best stories come from the postmen of the Royal Mail. They are the ones sending messages in remote parts of the country even when the waters are waist-deep during a flood. Even more impressive are the comments they make next: they say they got a little wet. And it’s cuts like this that make you love the British. (Susan Ebner Reports to our editorial office London.)

Hedges and humor

This is a special kind of treacherous humour: you drive through the gorgeous south of England with its gorgeous landscapes and cliffs and you see, wow! , no thing. Because on the right and left of the incredibly narrow streets (in Germany the best dirt roads and horror not only for caravan drivers) stretch for several kilometers of dry stone walls, hedges, hedges and dry stone walls. When you reach the westernmost point in England, Land’s End, you can see nothing because of the fog, especially the ghost that is said to haunt ‘The Land’s End Hotel’. You should know that ghosts are part of the basic equipment here.

After all, you can let a great Englishman tell you that you’ve come so far that you don’t see anything. Oh dear! Yes, England don’t always make it easy for you, but they do it in the most sympathetic way. And who could seriously object to miles of hedgerow and dry humor like the dry stone wall of southern England? (Daniel Wershing There are London studying and I will travel there again soon.)

On the right to visit the pub

The first thing they always talk about is the weather, and that warms my heart. This is by no means just “beautiful” or “terrible”, but is described with a love of ugliness. Basically, Brits are happy when they can scream about horizontal rain, there is more to it than a boring summer day. Fortunately these are rare. The weather is one of those topics that you should start with when you meet friends or acquaintances in the bar. For the first pint, as if to warm up the conversation, look outside, from the second half onward, look deeper inward.

Cakes and More: In celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee, a so-called big lunch was held across the country.

Photo: Hannah McKay, epa/dpa-tmn

The pub was part of everyday life ‘in the old days’ it was something like a community living room. There are still bars that look like they originated from the picture books of centuries past. The world is often reinvented in the pub; Sometimes after a few pints is better, at least more interesting. leading Boris Johnson He called it “the ancient and inalienable right of a man born free” to go to the tavern. Too much pity? Clear. But he’s right. (Catherine Prebel mentioned to us Londonnow stopped Brussels.)

Troubles in the House of Commons

It’s been a little quieter lately. Of course, there is still a shriek, there is the hum of “Listen, listen,” between the loud “System” calls, but just as at the height of Britain’s exit from the European Union This is no longer the case in the British House of Commons. It is really a pity, because the heated debates between MPs are certainly questionable on a personal level, but at the same time wonderfully strange, usually British.

Several helpers are involved in the construction of Buckingham Palace before the Jubilee and the erection of the parapets.

Photo: Larissa Schwedis, dpa

There are representatives of the two main parties, separated by a large table on which lie all sorts of things, a golden scepter, and historical chests. Then there are the speakers who use these boxes as desks. They happily insult their opponents and sometimes ridicule them. Only physical quarrels are forbidden: the deputies of the parties sit, this is a relic of the Middle Ages, exactly two swords away.

People in Germany are fascinated by this parliament, which doesn’t even have enough seats for its members. So they are, the British: strange, but very amusing. (Sarah Chirac has in important role In the northeast of the country England learner.)

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