The Lion’s Den: The Glittering Wands of Horses and Hard Rock Perfumes – Entertainment

Hard rock star Axel Rudy Bell undergoes expert perfumery Photo: RTL/Bernd Michael Maurer

An underrated sport, a shiny wand for horses, a lamp that becomes a bartender, a hard-rock musician with a cool nose and the world’s first heavy things: the season finale of “The Lion’s Den.”

For the end of the season, it gets wild again at “Die Höhle der Löwen” (Mon, 8:15 p.m., VOX): jump-rope weights, glitter for horses, touch-up tablecloths for restaurants, jockey scents for hard-rock fans and rollers for laundry Machinery & Co.

Moritz Lehnert, 29, and Julian Fox, 31, explain to Lions that jumping rope is more effective than running or cycling — and how they want to do it better. The Everjump jump rope system is a combination of hardware and software. The ropes come in different weight classes and with “smart” handles that send your heart rate to the associated app. Nico Rosberg (36 years old) tried to carry the heaviest rope and “completely lost his breath!”

The two sports enthusiasts are offering ten percent of their company’s shares for 200,000 euros. But investors aren’t really convinced. Rosberg asks George Koffler, 65, if he’d be interested in shaking his head. When everyone got out, Koffler suddenly changed his mind. However, he wants 25.1 percent of the shares, and the founders just want to give up 15 — in the end no deal is reached.

“Life without gloss is bleak”

The next founder, Alexandra Knaby (53), rides with her daughter and stallion in the Lion’s Den. The “stable magic wand” is said to improve communication between the rider and the horse. The 3D printer’s sparkling magic wand looks very simple, but is meant to ensure that the animal is not injured despite the bridle. For this purpose, the stick is held between the hands with the bridle raised and the heart in the middle showing whether the bridle is oriented in the middle of the horse.

When asked by Judith Williams (50) if everything also exists without luster, Knabe replied succinctly: “No, life without luster is only bleak.” Carsten Maschmeyer (63 years old) is already tearing up his eyes, and he has to give the animals a wide berth due to the extreme sensitivity of horse hair. However, the sovereign appearance of the riding coach attracts Ralph Demmel (55) out of the stable: he offers 50,000 euros for 33 percent of the company’s shares – the horse lover happily accepts the deal.

touch mattress

Mihai Domitrescu (40), Julian Mayer (32) and Dr. Siwanand Misara (40) invented a technology that uses projection to turn a tablecloth in a restaurant into an interactive surface. For example, the menu is displayed on the table and can be operated like a touch screen. The technology also recognizes empty glasses and automatically makes a repeat order. Even kids thought – they could play with the system without actually asking for anything. Lions are fascinated by technology, but they also wonder why they earn more than the server. Judith Williams, 50, who worked in the catering business for a long time as a teenager, takes it personally: “It seems to me that you’re assuming Lambex can sell better than me.”

The founders explain that the process should not be rejected, but rather be excused. However, Rosberg has concerns about the further digitization of the restaurant experience. Maschmeyer also no longer wants to order via touch screens like during the pandemic: “I think your timing is bad.” In his opinion, post-Corona guests “don’t want to click anymore, they want to talk.” Dagmar Wöhrl (68), who owns more than 80 restaurants, tasted blood and decided hesitantly: “Well, I’m really taking a risk here.” Even the other lions were surprised: “What a twist!” Domel said. She wants 25 per cent for €250,000 – and she gets it too.

Hard rock on fragrant turns

It will then be loud: hard rock musician Axel Rudy Bell (60) would like to devote himself to the olfactory organ with a future lion or lioness. He developed a line of perfumes called “Al Fursan” under the slogan: “Perfumes with a rock and roll character”. The perfume is called “Noble Forest” or “Lady Dark” and it smells of woods, smoke or wood and vanilla.

Unfortunately, Blacks are more convinced of the musician’s skills on the guitar than of his chances of success in his side business: competition in the market deters them. The fact that the musician will be putting Brand behind on the tour as well. And the fact that he blended perfume himself at home in his studies is very unusual, especially for esthetician Williams: “The work of a perfumer is not to be underestimated. It’s a very difficult science.” So the lions say goodbye to the artist without a deal and with the words: “Keep on swinging!”

The world’s first for washing machines?

The following founders drag a washing machine into the studio and once again promise “world first.” Jeza Lakatos (43) and Jan Nordhof (43) invented the Rollys Berlin truck, a “hand truck for your pocket”. This is an easy-to-use emergency package and furniture caster system, in which the wheels can be fixed with adhesive pads, tension belts or screws – and a washing machine, for example, can be moved quickly. As has often been the case this season, it must first be discussed whether the invention is really the first of its kind in the world.

“Stop, stop, stop! There are endless transmission reels,” he contrasts with Dummel. “But not with ratchet straps,” the founders remember. The fact that this practical solution is “not sufficiently protected” means that one lion after another is quickly escaping. Founders Action Plan – “Yes, Full Tilt!” – DeMille convinces though. He wants 33 percent of the company’s shares for 125,000 euros, more than double what the founders actually wanted to give up. In return, he promised them that he would only order eight percent of this once he could convince 10,000 affiliates of the product. With this promise, he convinces the founders and concludes the last deal of the season.

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